The Church’s Care of Gay People

Terry Nelson has an excellent piece on the Church’s acceptance of gay people. He very humbly defers to Monsignor Charles Pope’s piece on the same subject, but I believe his point of view is important and eloquent.

8 thoughts on “The Church’s Care of Gay People

  1. Father, my English is not so good. But let try to tell what I can realise about this topic. Many gay people are faithful Christians and live good lives. I’m not say that you are saing the oposite. But, in the other hand, there are people who are gay and live perversed lives. So I think it’s important distinguish (distinguir) between certain kind of gay people from another kind of them who are attached to idolatric lifestyle of sin. What I’m trying to say is that some people don’t care about the Church’s care about gay people. They are gayzists who just want to impose their style of live to the rest of the world. They don’t mind if the Church treats with love and charity gay people. They are fully blind owing their passions and are unable to see the truth. I’m saying that too because in Brazil there is a very agressive gay agend that is trying to remodalate the behavior of the young people, including at school through “classes about sexuality” (aulas de sexualidade, as they are said in Portuguese). I’m trying to say that there is a diabolical malice behind gay agend. They are using the poor sinners to hit the Church.

  2. I’m going to give an example of that I’m saying.

    “Tolerance” in Brazil
    Last week, members of the Catholic Plinio Correa de Olivera Institute gathered in the Brazilian city of Curitiba to protest abortion and the homosexual ideology and stand in support of the traditional family. Homosexuality has been legal in Brazil since 1830 and enjoys widespread acceptance in that country.
    However, the Catholic demonstrators, who marched peacefully and carried signs, were not greeted with tolerance and acceptance. In fact, an angry mob soon gathered around them and began yelling threats and making obscene gestures. The Catholics were spat upon and one of them had an object thrown at his head which drew blood. As he held up his bloodied hand to show the camera, the crowd cheered. These incidents were caught on camera by the Institute and by an onlooker sympathetic to the unruly mob.
    And too

  3. More people should know the name Terry Nelson… Exceptional articulation of the issue that “shalt not honestly be discussed anywhere” where most average people congregate, or on the airwaves they obtain their points of view from either, regretably. (I am also looking forward to viewing the writings of the good Monsignor at my earliest convenience. Thank you for the links, Father!)

  4. Thank you Fr. Angelo for the link – I’m humbled. I noted the title of your post in the sidebar today and I thought – great – I can link to what you say! Thanks very much.

  5. I neither meant to criticize Fr. Angelo’s text nor Terry’s text. I have read his text and I liked it. I was just trying to say what I think about the gay agenda. I think we have to tell apart (distinguir, diferenciar) gayzists (gayzistas) and gay people (gays, pessoas que são homossexuais).
    Let try explain one more time what I’m trying to say. I think very lovely, worthy of praises the Church’s care of gay people. But I have seen in my country and in other countries of the world, like France, in Paris, that some people are using a false compassion, a false sympathy with gay people to persecute the Church as to destroy or banish the Christians from society. Of course, even some people that hates the Church have beeing used as instruments by hostil groups (including secret/ocult societies) that intend to banish Christians completly from society. Some people just don’t really care if Church treats with love and charity the poor sinner. These sinner are helpuful idiots (idiotas úteis) at the hands of some diabolical people.

    The same happens with the radical feminists.

  6. There is a perverse or diabolical purpose to impose homossexuality as a mean to persecute Christian people and to destroy all the Christian fundaments of society. In Paris, there was a huge manifastation against gay marriage and even though the french government approved that fake marriage. I’m not saying that gays are perverse and diabolical, but many of then have beeing use by malicious people for persecute the Christians.

    1 million+ march in Paris against gay ‘marriage’ plans!!! 13 Jan 2013

    Father, I don’t want to be annoying or disrespectful. I’m not tyring to refute (disprove) you. I just think what I have to say is important, because I have seen in my country how a fake compassion have been used by wicked people to destroy the Church.

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