Francis, Rebuild My Church

Homily from last week at the Day with Mary, Newbury Park.

3 thoughts on “Francis, Rebuild My Church

  1. Ann, my first thought is perhaps with the laity, who of course, are the church. Imagine all of the Catholics who have fallen away in recent decades, and imagine them as bricks or stones lying by the crumbling wall of a church, to borrow imagry from the story of St Francis. I believe that many of those can be reclaimed by our Holy Father, in large part by his genuineness, his simplicity and his example of humility.

  2. O Father, what a great homily! I love it! Very enlightening! I’m a very devotee of St. Francis of Assisi and your homily about him have conforted and enlightened me deeply.
    The world have turned absoluty insane because of money, power, sex and all kind of wordly things and idolatry. Pope Francis is a real prophetic Pope.

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