The Dark Horse

Check out this link for an argument that the Cardinals may just decide that Joseph Ratzinger is the only one who can pulls things together . . . What?

That’s right.  I do not believe it will happen, but the thought is intriguing.  The author uses that Quo vadis, Petre? argument, which readers will know I vehemently disagree with.  But in the scenario presented, I believe something else would be happening.

Pope Benedict repeatedly said that he had prayed very hard about his decision and that he was certain it was the correct one.  By stepping down, he has given the Cardinals the opportunity of doing something that his present age prevented him from doing effectively: cleaning out the Vatican curia.  If anything seems likely, it would be that the problems within the Vatican will be addressed by the next pontificate.  If the electors were to actually choose Ratzinger, which again, I find highly unlikely, they would know what is involved.  Furthermore, Benedict would emerge from the conclave the most powerful pope, perhaps in all of history.

The possibility, remote as it is, helps to clarify the issues at stake.

4 thoughts on “The Dark Horse

  1. Ave Maria Father!
    I’m not sure I get the same thing that you are. Where is the argument that you state in the above link, or am I just missing it? Or are you taking it to the next possible conclusion? I see how there may be many Cardinals that don’t agree with the Pope Emeritus’ decision, but taking that next step to re-elect him, I’m just not getting out of the link that you provided. What am I missing?

  2. Fred,

    Sorry, linked fixed. It is the second half of the page where you will find what you are looking for. The second part of the post is separated from the first by two bars of ==========.

  3. It would be very shocking if the previous pope was re-elected. This would allow him to replace everyone in the vatican and perhaps he wouldn’t experience so much resistance to his policies as he has in the past.
    It would certainly be something for the history books!

  4. “And what is the situation now of the Roman Curia? Every single head of every curial office has now been deposed, due to the see of Peter being vacant. So, if Benedict were recalled, he could appoint to posts in the Curia anyone he wished. He could effectively carry out the reform of the Curia which everyone is saying is so urgently needed.”

    Father Angelo, can the above really happen? If the cardinals did elect His Holiness again would he really be able to ‘clean up’ the curia and stack the deck, so to speak, to right all the wrongs going on inside Holy Mother Church? How would this all be done? Do you know?
    I’m writing this as I watch the chimney on EWTN.

    Thanks for any answers.

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