Tropical Forest in Cornwall


Eden Project

4 thoughts on “Tropical Forest in Cornwall

  1. What’s so admirable engineering work! Make a tropical florest growing in a country whose wheater is cold is admirable. I think it demands many efforts. What could be the patern of this forest? A Amazonic forest? Instead (on the contrary), making a forest of pine trees in a tropical region is almost impossible, even totaly impossible. Here in my city there are some cypress trees, but they grow very little and become little, weak and ugly.

  2. Father, perhaps you (and the readers of your blog) would like to see this short video about a kind of tropical forest that exist in my country.
    Particularly I find it more beatuiful than the Amazonic forest. In Portuguese, we call it Mata Atlântica.
    Atlantic Forest, Brazil – The Nature Conservancy

  3. Father, I found out by chance this video of wonderful tropical birds. And I remembered this post. I’d like to share it with you and your readers.

    Birds-of-Paradise Project

  4. Let me show this other wonder too!

    Railroad, Brazil’s Atlantic forest

    Traveling along 110 km of a railroad with 125 years of history through the largest preserved area of Brazil’s Atlantic forest. The Mountain Range Train of Paraná departs from the city of Curitiba to Morretes everyday and on Sundays it also arrives at Paranaguá. The trip takes approximately 3 hours.

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