Father George Rutler’s take on Benedict XVI

Father George Rutler’s take on Benedict XVI

Best article on the abdication of B16 so far.


2 thoughts on “Father George Rutler’s take on Benedict XVI

  1. This is a wonderful article.

    “he had never been so conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit as he was in the Conclave that elected John Paul II. ”

    Blessed John Paul II certainly was a man of heroic virtue. I think during his last years, he was no less a strong leader than he was in the earlier years of his pontificate. While many perhaps saw a weak, frail man those with the eyes of faith saw a leader of great stength and perseverance intimately united to the sufferings of Christ. And as we all know, Christ was strongest when He appeared the weakest on the cross.

    Pope Benedict XVI has been a gift to the Church in his own unique way, a Pope of reform. It is stiil difficult for me to accept his resignation but, especially in this Year of Faith, I have faith and trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding the Church as promised by Christ.

    In Christ,

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