Fox Reporter Never Had a Chance

Fox Reporter Never Had a Chance

The most superficial and idiotic commentary on the resignation of Pope Benedict imaginable.

3 thoughts on “Fox Reporter Never Had a Chance

  1. Read that earlier today, Father, and thought to myself, “was this guy watching the same Pope that I was?”
    And then to finish with:

    “None of which lessens Benedict’s place in the line of Vicars of Christ. His decision to resign was a brave one, based on personal humility, in keeping with his message to the faithful that the things of Earth are transient, but the promise of heaven lasting and infinite. For that he should be remembered.”

    Huh? Because he had a couple of public relation snafus that probably had less to do with him and more to do with his enemies in the “intellectual” press and his enemies within the Church itself.
    He did his job, and he did it very well. He ran the Church without regard for the thoughts of men, but only for those of God, it seems to me.

  2. Fred,

    Agreed. It’s a facile comparison from a soundbite commentator, something that everyone can follow. The fact that it is poor logic and sketchy evidence doesn’t matter, because, hey, that’s journalism: Blessed John Paul II was great. Benedict XVI was not John Paul II. Therefore, Benedict XVI was not great.

  3. Has there been ANY commentary in the first wave of “coverage’ that is worth a plug nickel? I haven’t seen it. What the press knows about almost any subject “Catholic” is deficient, or sometimes even pernicious.
    In a related vein; tonight I drove home listening to a substitute talk show host interviewing a local mayor, ending with asking the mayor if he was, or wasn’t, “putting his hat into the ring for pope”, which was meant to be amusing, presumably. “OK”, I thought, “I guess that’s to be expected”.The mayor in question, to his credit, deftly handled the question (that he obviously thought odd) after a brief pause by offering, “No, not me. A pope has many more headaches than any mayor could ever dream of, and a much more rigorous schedule, and very serious responsibilities… so, no, I don’t think I’d be in line for that”. After bidding the mayor adieu, the talk host (having missed the mayors tone, and therefore, hint) went on to try and milk the gag for all it was worth, taking calls and suggestions as to who would make a good pope. Additionally, he wondered aloud if the St Louis Cardinals would have a vote in selecting the next pope, and also informed the public that it was “the ballots burning one color or another in the fireplace at the Vatican that let the people know if the pope was selected properly”. Strange to say the least, and callous. The substitute host is a fairly respectable and well known character around these parts. His oblivious perspective on the weight of the days events was troubling.

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