The president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country.

“Dad, will you protect us from all those nasty guns?”

“Sure, Johnny, we will have all the guns.”

“Dad, will you pay for our contraception?”

“Sure, Johnny, enjoy yourself.”

“Dad, will you let me marry Steve?”

“Of course, Jonny, as long as it makes you happy.”

“Dad, will you kill those bad men?”

“Jonny, you have no idea what they got coming,” thinking, “nor does anybody else.”

“Dad, you’re so smart!”

“You’re a good boy, Johnny.”


9 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. Satire, and I’m not laughing. My children and grandchildren are growing up in this depraved world.
    I have read, and heard people talk about, the ‘chastisement’ to come, but I’ve got to think the sinful world we are living in now, by God’s permission, is that chastisement. We deserve this for not trusting in God and His Laws. We choose ‘Pharoahs’,… ‘Cesars’…, ‘Hitlers’ to lead us instead.

    One day, one day, after we have all had enough of this oppression, the devil’s poison, we will bow to our knees, look up into the sky, and proclaim, “You are our God, and we will be your people”.

  2. Marie, satire is a literay genre that we can use to criticize something or someone. I know each person has his/her own sense of humor. What is funny for someone, can be offensive to other one. But I thougth theses dialogues a smart form to criticize the evil policy that has been aplied in USA, by Obama and his followers.

    Make satire or jokes with something doesn’t mean necessary that we are mocking to serious things. For exemple, the Decameron. In the Decameron, there are many stories (tales) that expose bad things against the clergy and the religous and people. But its purpose is not difamate the Church, but rather promote the virtues.

  3. If guns are nasty, why has the government their own guns. Shouldn’t it destroyed their ones too?

    If that dad was a really good dad, would he allow his son do so many things, without thinking of their consequences? Off course, not. A really good dad is not permessive. A good dad teaches to his/her son/daugheter what is good and what is bad. I know you know all theses things that I’m talking about, but such ironies (satires) are good to make people thinking about these things, in other words, they force people to thinking about the real message behind the sentences.

    Perhaps my words could seem a little bit rude, but it’s not my intencion, ok? You are a lady and I don’t want to be disrespectful with you.

    Pax et bonun!

  4. “Pax et bonum” is the traditional Franciscan welcome and goodbye. Francis himself favored its use, and often began and ended his sermons and letters with the words. Translated from the Latin, it reads “peace and all good [be with you].”

  5. Marie, thank you for your kind words! Here in my city there is a Franciscan convent, a Capuchin convent. It is very beautiful and the friars always says that greeting or salutation. In Portuguese, we say Paz e Bem = Peace and Well (or good). On the celing of the convent, there is a beautiful drawn/picture with theses words in latin: PAX ET BONUM. That’s why I know theses words.
    I’m trying to do God’s will, but it seems the forces of evil are trying to stop me. Please, pray for me.
    Ave Maria!

  6. Alex,
    If you are truly doing God’s Will, and not your own, then all things will work out as He ordains. If you are doing your own will then it is God who is trying to stop you. Remember, too, that evil can do you no harm if you remain little like a child!

    Yes, I will pray to our Mother that God’s Will be done through you.

    “Trusting fully in Your Infinite Mercy and in the maternal intercessions of Mary”
    “Jesus, I trust in You!”
    “Totus Tuus!”

  7. I really wish people wouldn’t use the name “Steve” in that context.

    As a dad I’ve found that when our kids move out, pay real bills and get a dose of reality, their idealistic fantasies quickly fade. They realize that we’ve been around a time or two and might actually have some experience, and that life is sometimes the best teacher. The “dad and mom of our country” skipped the dose of reality stage. They should get a real job for a few years then see how well their idealism fits in with real life.

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