In Lanherne we have tea and biscuits (cookies) after Mass for the congregation.  One of the ladies today was talking about the fact that God does not force anyone to follow Him, but leaves everyone free to choose.  English is not her first language. About those who may choose to do other than God’s will, she said:  “They can go to hell if they want to.”

2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Lol

    That lady’s sentence sounds familiar to me. In Portuguese, we say in a similar way. It would be something like this: God doesn’t command anybody to go to the hell. Just go to the hell who wants to do it.

    “Deus não manda ninguém para o inferno. Vai para o inferno quem quer.”

    I don’t know if my translation makes sense in English. But I hope it’s understandble (comprehensible).

  2. That means God is guilty for the damnation of anybody. Everyone can choose his/her own eternal sort.

    [Isso significa que Deus não é culpado pela condenação de ninguém. Cada um é responsável pelo seu destino eterno.]

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