Hard times.

4 thoughts on “Metaphor?

  1. But I think I understood what you meant, Fr. Angelo. The Abbey ruins is a sing of the decay, of decline of the Christian Civilization in the Western, isn’t it?

    Here in Brazil too, the vocations to the priesthood and religious life is in decline. Many convents and particulary monasteries don’t receive more vocations.

    The young just want to have fun.. anything else.

  2. Father, last wednesday I read a reporting about a Cistercien monastery that was built in California with stones of an ancient monastary in Europe. So I remembered this post of yours and I thought you are going to like to read about it too. See, please.

    Monks in California Breathe Life Into a Monastery From Spain

    That news was translated and published in a very intersting blog about Cathedrals in Middle Ages with this headline

    Mosteiro cisterciense do século XII renasce na Califórnia

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