A week after wo…

A week after women were cleared to serve in combat, Defense Intelligence Agency employees got a different message. “Makeup makes you more attractive.” “Don’t be a plain Jane.” “A sweater with a skirt is better than a sweater with slacks.” “No flats.” “Paint your nails.” “Don’t be afraid of color.” And, “brunettes have more leeway with vibrant colors than blondes or redheads.”

Combat ready (this is not going to be pretty).

1 thought on “A week after wo…

  1. Lol That’s crazy! That makes no sense, because a combat field is not a walkway or a contest of miss. These women are there for combat as soldiers or to show their beauty. lol

    Actually that’s a consequence of the feminism or better yet the Gender Ideology. That ideology says that there’s no real differences between men’s behavior and women’s behavior, but these differences are constructions of the culture. Obviously that a great deceive!

    This quote shows clearly that!

    P.S.: Father, I hope I haven’t been commenting too much. And my Englis is not so good. Please, forgive me anything that I have said that may have seemed rude. I don’t want to be rude.

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