My belief that …

My belief that life begins at conception is mine to cling to. And if you believe that it begins at birth, or somewhere around the second trimester, or when the kid finally goes to college, that’s a conversation we can have, one that I hope would be respectful and empathetic and fearless. We can’t have it if those of us who believe that human life exists in utero are afraid we’re somehow going to flub it for the cause. In an Op-Ed on “Why I’m Pro-Choice” in the Michigan Daily this week, Emma Maniere stated, quite perfectly, that “Some argue that abortion takes lives, but I know that abortion saves lives, too.” She understands that it saves lives not just in the most medically literal way, but in the roads that women who have choice then get to go down, in the possibilities for them and for their families. And I would put the life of a mother over the life of a fetus every single time — even if I still need to acknowledge my conviction that the fetus is indeed a life. A life worth sacrificing.

The Voice of Moloch

2 thoughts on “My belief that …

  1. “In September of 1961, at the age of 39, Blessed Gianna was pregnant with her fourth child when physicians diagnosed a large ovarian cyst which required surgery. The surgeon suggested that Gianna undergo an abortion in order to save her own life. Gianna’s decision was prompt and decisive: “I shall accept whatever they will do to me provided they save the child.” She underwent the surgery but her fate was sealed. The following year, on Good Friday, Gianna was admitted to Monza Maternity Hospital. Her daughter, Gianna Emanuela, was born the next day but Blessed Gianna expired seven days later, on April 28, 1962.”

    The essence of our life in Christ is sacrifice. The innocent unborn in the womb has no choice, only the mother can make the choice. Some mothers who lives would be at risk if they continued the pregnancy would choose to have an abortion while others would not. They freely choose to accept the risk and leave it in God’s hands.

    I hope no mother has to make that choice, between her life and that of her baby. Oddly enough, if the baby is two years old for example, a mother would automatically risk her life to save her child from being run over in the street by a truck rather than stand by and hope for the best.

    I think that St. Gianna made that decision long before her first pregnancy or even her marriage. One cannot wait until the situation arises to try to arrive at a good decision.

  2. Reading the full article made me ill. I will try to remedy my nausea by writing this:
    I am a mother of five children; two more in heaven due to miscarriage. My second child is profoundly disabled, mentally and physically. After his birth I had been told that I should not get pregnant anymore because I had been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis; a disorder that causes painful tumors to grow subcutaneoulsy (under the skin). There is no cure for NF. I had hundreds of tumors removed knowing they would come back with subsequent pregnancies. I thank God for all my children, for the grace of courage and trust in His Fatherly care. I carried my children in pain. As I age the tumors no longer hurt. May God be glorified by brave and loving mothers!

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