From the Dungeons of Barad-dûr

A thrall from the Black Land has a bright idea for any old female machine lying around:

A Harvard geneticist has raised eyebrows by declaring that scientists could make a Neanderthal clone baby if they had an “extremely adventurous female human” as a surrogate.

Several days later the Mouth of Sauron offers one of those non-clarification clarifications used when emergency damage control is needed:

A prominent genetics expert from Harvard Medical School wants to make one thing perfectly clear: He is NOT looking for a woman to bear a Neanderthal baby. Not even an adventurous one. . . .

“We have no projects, no plans, we have no papers, no grants,” to do that, he said in a telephone interview Tuesday. . . .

“It said you’re going to need someone like that if you’re going to do it,” he said. “It’s certainly very different from taking out a want ad. . . .”

Although he’s not saying that a Neanderthal project is necessarily a good idea, “I think it is up for discussion, and hopefully for several years we can have a calm discussion about it,” Church said. “It’s way better to think of these things in advance.”

And a warning about this from Valinor re “technological prometheanism.”

On the other hand, unfortunately, our time is experiencing shadows that obscure God’s plan. I refer in particular to a tragic anthropological reduction that re-proposes the ancient hedonistic materialism, added to which, however, is a “technological prometheanism.”

From the union between a materialistic view of man and the great development of technology an anthropology that is essentially atheist has emerged.

It presupposes that the man is reduced to autonomous functions, the mind to the brain, human history to a destiny of self-realization. Everything detached from God, the spiritual dimension and eternal horizon.

In the perspective of a man deprived of his soul and therefore a personal relationship with the Creator, what is technically possible becomes licit, each experiment is acceptable, any population policy permitted, any manipulation legitimized.

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1 thought on “From the Dungeons of Barad-dûr

  1. All they need is one adventurous woman? Just one? Well, then, it’s truly a “comfort” to hear that, in response to the Harvard geneticist’s statement, Harvard Med School is declaring that they aren’t really looking for a volunteer (at this juncture). They prefer that we should have “a few years of conversation” on the subject before we hasten into anything rash. Yes, this is quite a comfort, as there are more women in America and around the planet that are ready, willing and able to jump into this sordid kettle, right this instant, than I care to imagine. Yes, thankfully Harvard Med isn’t really game (at present).

    Naturally, when they DO get around to uncorking this obscenity on us, there will be the obligatory sham debate in the press, giving the false impression that someone is out there fighting this nonsense for you and me. In depth, eloquent opposition from brilliant sources like Pope Benedict would be truncated into ineffective sound bites for nightly newscasts. A much anticipated Oprah interview with “Miss Quest for Fire” would likely be a highlight for the network, as well would be the inevitable reality show based on this “adventurous” mom and her little neander-nipper. Heaven help us.

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