Meanderings Here in England

I have been meaning to get some pictures up for a while.  The friars both in Lanherne and Stoke-On-Trent have been good enough to get me out on some pilgrimages.  I have not included pictures from each place.  I wish I had pictures of some of the ancient cathedrals we visited by the iPad does not do well in low light.  Of particular interest is Durham Cathedral which is perhaps the greatest example in the world of Norman architecture.  (The header pic for this post was taken in the chapel in which rests the body of St. Bede the Venerable.)  I think it is my favorite cathedral, though no longer Catholic.  Enjoy the photos!

Thanks everyone for the recent comments, likes and follows!

2 thoughts on “Meanderings Here in England

  1. Wow What so beautiful pictures! Thank you, dear Friars, for sharing these photos! I find the british landscape so beautiful. Someday I hope to go to that country.

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