Venerable Paul VI, Thank God

Venerable Paul VI, Thank God

Pope Benedict XVI has advanced the Cause of Pope Paul VI by recognising the Italian pope as having lived the Christian virtues in a heroic way.

4 thoughts on “Venerable Paul VI, Thank God

  1. Why is it that every Pope since Vatican 2 is being declared as a saint? Is this now necessary in order to maintain the infalibility of the Seat of Peter as defined in this Council? Or do these saint Popes give more legitemacy to the change in tradition and Liturgy? I am just interested in these new developments in the Roman Catholic Church. What are your thoughts Fr Angelo?

  2. Benjamin,

    Pope Benedict has very definite ideas about the Council, Liturgy and Tradition, which he has expressed over many years. I believe his efforts to promote the Liturgy and his firm adherence to Vatican II, rightly understood, are consistent. These have been very difficult times for everyone, but the Bark of Peter remains intact with a captain and pilot. We can argue about many things, but hopefully we can agree that the Holy Spirit continues to work through the Vicar of Christ. Perhaps God is trying to tell us something through the promotion of the causes of our conciliar and postconciliar popes.

  3. “but hopefully we can agree that the Holy Spirit continues to work through the Vicar of Christ.”

    Google “Bernadino Nogara” to see why the Holy Spirit likely left the Vatican before Vatican II.

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