Catholic Encampment 2011

This year’s Catholic Encampment for fathers and sons will be conducted at Camp Canonicus, Exeter, Rhode Island, not far from the Griswold friary:

Friday, September 9 – Sunday, September 11

Click image to link to Encampment Page that includes the encamplment flyer, registration information and the registration and release form.

The image in the side bar has the link also and will remain there for the duration.

3 thoughts on “Catholic Encampment 2011

  1. I am in a prayer group & our priest is -I guess you could call him the leader-sorry, I guess I have senioritius. Anyway, the sword you show with the words – do you sell these? Or where can they be purchased? That would be great for our group. Also, I work at a Catholic school & our “mascot” is the knight. I am trying to locate Fr. Francis X Lasance books & I found your website. Thank you for the info & God bless you in your ministry. Many blessings!

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