Heads in the Sand (Update)

The discovery of the shrine raises the possibility that Loughner, 22, may have been driven by other forces.

No kidding.

Watch the occult apologists come out of the woodwork to explain this away.  I suppose this was his shrine to Sarah Palin.  What I find most disturbing about the aftermath of the horrible act of murder and treason in Tuscon is the state of denial and the willingness to use the tragedy as a political football.


Plot Thickens

He creeped me out,” she said. Morgan told CBS 5 News that Loughner asked her about the voices in his head. “He said to me, ‘Nobody likes my ideas about things. I hear voices and I knew you would be able to relate and not make fun of me.'”

Morgan claims to have the ability to speak with spirits of the deceased. “I told him what I do is different. I hear voices that are kind and loving. They pass along loving messages to their families who are still alive.”

Loughner, she said, was hearing voices telling him to take action. “I asked him, ‘Did you tell the health-care people that?’ He said, ‘No, they would put me in an institution.'”

Morgan said that as she was talking with Loughner, she got chills. “I saw him in an incarceration situation,” she said. “I remember exactly what I asked him, I said, ‘Have you been incarcerated? I see confinement. I see a jail cell.’”

To creep out a necromancer you must be pretty creepy.  God have mercy on us.

8 thoughts on “Heads in the Sand (Update)

  1. I think some are saying he was mentally ill and that his father was quite scary as well. But, perhaps as this news all suggests, it wasn’t mental illness but satanic possession. (Which few in the media will assent to, I’m afraid.) Very tragic.

  2. Something I thought of afterwards: I know for me I was moved to pray for those killed/shot. But I shamefully didn’t think to pray for this young lad. If he’s truly in the occult and/or mentally ill, he may need our prayers more than anyone. Praying.

  3. Fr. Geiger, I pray to Our Lady and St. Michael and look away when the new flashes his mug shot. After having spent many years in the music business I saw even in my personal denial at the time, the satanic affects of certain music. This poor soul was listening to ( among other things) Slip Knot and Drowning Pool. There is an old saying ” if you hang around a barber shop you are bound to get a haircut”. But this we don’t hear in the news media. Lord have mercy.

  4. as someone who was very involved in the occult, i know my PoV is often unformed in Catholic doctrine as yet, so please bear with me….
    when i had a occult /gift store, we had people who were clearly mentally disturbed coming in all the time asking for help. people who are having troubles often came to us, because they did not feel comfortable going anywhere else. this of course is a sad indictment of their religious upbringing.

    we did our best to help, within the limits of our understanding.. referring them to spiritual defense books, psychiatrists, or whatever seemed likely to help (and be accepted by them). MANY of these troubled souls disturbed me, and my fellows greatly. many of them showed clear signs, to me, of possession or influence by spirits.
    many did not. many were simply chemically unbalanced, and many MORE were ill, but also seeking attention. If in fact he approached her saying “you, as another person who hears voices, can help me” then it says nothing about whether he was, or was not, possessed. it says however that he was seeking help. and had no one else he thought he could go to.

    poor troubled soul. May St Michael defend him. the ill are often easy targets for all the sin and evil in the world. the spiritual armor and formation of the rest of us is often weak enough.. imagine how it is when you were also poorly brought up, and perhaps chemically ill as well.

  5. The occult is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

    However, ignoring this man’s history of mental illness and focusing on the occult does two things. 1) Ignores the fact that mental illness is something that is both misunderstood and ignored in this country. 2) Somehow stigmatises the mentally ill by attaching a demonic cause for their problems.

    Perhaps we should focus on helping the mentally ill rather than looking for ghosts and ghouls to explain their behaviour. If we had done so, maybe this man could have been helped long before he did this horrible act.

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