Public Witness

A Birthday present for Jesus.

Nod to Steve Kellmeyer.

4 thoughts on “Public Witness

  1. I’ve now seen a ton of these! It’s great and I wish a local mall would do it. It would make shopping an enjoyable experience for once.

    …. of course, it’s an Easter song and not a birthday song to Jesus. But the Handel Messiah is usually sung around Christmas time (and indeed some of the songs are about His birth) so we all think of Christmas for the Hallelujah Chorus as well. (Just had to throw that in … hope no one is insulted!)

  2. Thank you for posting this. I have enjoyed (at your instigation) sharing this with many. A great way to kick of Advent and something to capture some joy… “public witness” I’m all for it.
    “And He shall purify”

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