The Complete “Templar Secrets” Video Series

The Templar Secrets

The series is now complete.  All the videos are in the side bar as well.

The purpose of this series is to extract, examine and meditate upon the Catholic ideals of the Knights Templar in order to draw out the true “mysticism” of chivalry found there and to dispel the nonsense that has proceeded from the Freemasons and conspiracy theorists.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Temple of the Order
  3. The Two Swords
  4. The Holy Grail
  5. The Holy Sepulcher

5 thoughts on “The Complete “Templar Secrets” Video Series

  1. Hollywood & Chivalry since 1953……

    Here is how Chivalry has been described in three different movies, starting in 1953 and ending in 1995.

    The Knights of The Round Table (1953) staring Robert Taylor:

    I will fear God,
    Honor the King,
    And defend this realm,
    With honor and with might!

    with God’s Good Grace, I will hod myself true to this Fellowship of Knights. In the name of each man here, I vow in God’s Name to do battle against all Evil Doers, but never in any wrong cause nor do any outrage. I will defent the helpless and protect all women and be merciful to all men. I will honor my wordm and I will speak no treason nor slander. I will be true in friendship and faithful in love. All this I do swear on the hilt of my sword.

    Taken from the Knighting Ceremony scene in the movie “The Black Knight” (1954) staring Alan Ladd:

    In this scene, King Arthur is about to bestow Knighthood on a young Squire. Before he does so, he recites the Vows of The Knights of The Round Table:

    “In this our Court, we charge you swear,
    To fight ever to maintain Justice and put down wrong.
    To be a Knight in Deeds of Valor
    And a Knight of Gentleness and Courtesy.
    To show Mercy to all who ask for it.
    To Defend the weak,
    And never to fight for worldly gain in an unworthy cause.
    To be a Knight true to your King,
    And to be in all things a Christian Gentleman.
    These are the Vows of The Knights of The Round Table!
    How say you? Do you accept them unto death?

    Finally, in 1995, there was the movie entitled “First Knight.” Staring Sean Connery as King Arthur and Richard Gere as Lancelot:

    In this scene, King Arthur says to Lancelot (he is not Sir Lancelot yet, “Here (in Camelot) we believe that every life is presious, even the lives of strangers. If you must die, die serving something greater than yourself – better still, ‘Live & Serve’.

    Upon entering the Hall of the Round Table, Lancelot sees “The Round Table” and the inscription carved upon it, – “In Serving Each Other, We Become Free!” King Arthur explains, “That is the very Heart of Camelot, not these stones, timbers, towers, palaces – burn them all and Camelot lives on, because it lives in us. It is a belief that we hold in our hears.”

    That is what “Marian Chivalry” is to me……..It is a belief that I hold very near and dear to my heart. Thank you for letting me share these words with you. Ave Maria……………

  2. In 1996, there was a book published entitled “DragonHeart.” It was written by a Mr. Charles Edward Pogue. It was later turned into a movie. While I enjoyed the movie, I think that the book was much better. Anyway, in the book Mr. Pogue describes to us what he refers to as “The Old Code.” I think it is very Chivalric in nature and would like to share it with you:

    “Inside the Table’s Circle,
    Under the Sacred Sword,
    A Knight must vow to follow
    The Code that is Unending,
    Unending as the Table –
    A Ring by Honor bound.”

    A Knight is sworn to Valor.
    His Heart knows only Virtue.
    His blade defends the Helpless.
    His Might Upholds the Weak.
    His Words Speak only Truth.
    His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.

    “The Right can never die,
    If one man still recalls.
    The Words are not forgot,
    If one voice speaks them clear.
    The Code forever shines,
    If one heart bolds it bright.

    …….While this Code is neither strictly Christian or Marian in nature……I think that it gives a fairly good description of a “Chivalrous Knight.”

  3. Here are some “Knightly” quotes that you may (or may not) find interesting;

    “The word Knight is an old, old word. It Means a ‘Servant’. That is well though out, because he who would master the vocation of Knighthood, must first learn his trade by being mastered.”

    “Therefore, you must know now that it is high time to awake from sleep, for our Salvation os nearer than we thought at first. The night is far spent and the day is at hand! So cast off the works of Darkness and put on the Armor of Light.” Romans: Chapter 13, Verses 11 and 12.

    “A Knight may Quest for The Holy Grail over land & sea, in many clines, without avail. Yet, he may find it in the cup of cold water, extended to a thirsty person at his own front door.”

  4. I don’t remember who said this, but it was written by a famous Knight in the Middle Ages. It is still good advice for modern-day Knights:

    …….A Knight must never be satisfied with what he has done, but should always wish to achieve more, and he who achieves more is more worthy. It is good for a Knight to be in love, for love will spur him on to yet higher achievement because of the honor it will do his Lady. A Knight should be modest about his achievements; if he is successful, he will be wise to attribute this to the aid of God and the Blessed Virgin.

  5. Steven,

    According to Johnnette Benkovic, the movie “DragonHeart,” is New Age. For more info, you can contact her at In fact, she has a new email address where you can ask questions on these sorts of topics at I hope this helps!

    To the friars, your orthodoxy is most sincerely appreciated. I love AirMaria especially! Keep doing what you all are doing! In particular, Father Bonaventure McQuire gives awesome homilies. If all priests were more were like him, we would truly have an entirely different Church today!

    Ave Maria,

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