Next Episode of Standing Fast

Templar Secrets, Part 2:  The Two Swords

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7 thoughts on “Next Episode of Standing Fast

  1. Father Angelo,

    Thank you very much for another great episode on “The Secrets of The Templars.” There are indeed, two swords for every Christian Knight. One is the temporal or physical sword and the other is “The Sword of The Spirit.” St. Paul talks about this “Sword of The Spirit” in the Book of Ephesians, where he refers to it as “The Word of God.” In fact, Cahpter 10, Verses 10 through 18 in the Book of ephesians, is a very good “Mini-Manual” on Christian Knighthood.

    Again, Thank you for this series. I am sure thay many will find it to be very inspirational as well as educational.

  2. Dear Father Angelo,

    First I just wanted to thank you and the rest of AirMaria for your constant witness to the real truth of the Word of God.

    I am a 40 year old converting Presbyterian and you have been very helpful in my conversion. I was a Protestant and involved with ministry for many years and have been in the Word daily for a long time. I deeply love our Lord and His Church, my fellow brothers and sisters. I now finally, am also developing a love for Marry and the Saints.

    This last video “The Two Swords.” and your last couple of homilies have been very solid and full of truth. One of the reasons why the Lord has lead me home to His true Church is because it remains a steadfast in the truth. The Mainstream Evangelical Protestant Church is truly lost. It no longer upholds and fights for the truth, but rather has become secular and sinful.

    It is the duty for every true believer to engage the enemy both in the spiritual battle and in the natural world. The true Church is scarce now, but true believers will always find themselves, unit and defend the faith.

    Grace and peace,


  3. Wow David. It’s so wonderful to hear your story. May I ask you how you came to the Church? I have a couple of very good friends who are Evangelicals. I so desperately want to share the truths within the Catholic Church but they do NOT welcome it. It would ruin the friendship. Perhaps I’m doing it all wrong. I’m sure they pray for my soul everyday since it’s lost in Catholicism, in their minds. I’ve left it alone for a few years now but then I start to wonder ….

  4. Thank you Jen,

    Honestly, it was the Holy Spirit that led me to the Church. I didn’t know or have any Catholic friends. After many years of reading the Bible, I just wasn’t at peace in the Protestant Church; slowly I started to develop an interest in Catholic Monasticism. I was very attracted to their dedication and spirituality. That’s what led me to AirMaria and over a period of a couple of years, I found myself listening to Catholic homilies exclusively. I finally went to my first Mass, ( extraordinary form ) and I was moved deeply. Never before had I experience such beauty.

    Being in ministry for many years, I know for a fact that there are three main components to evangelizing to your neighbors. 1. Prayer 2. Your Witness and planing seeds. 3. Being open for questions and answering with short concise answers in love, but without compromising the truth, even though it might be convicting.


  5. Father Angelo,

    I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the next episode.

    Are you familiar with Saint Mercurius the holder of the two swords?

    Also I have thought for a while that the temporal authority of the church is mentioned by Christ in the Luke 19 as well.

    In Christ
    Noah Moerbeek, CPMO

  6. Noah,

    I never heard about St. Mercurius before. Thanks for the heads up. I will try to incorporate the idea of St. Michael’s sword into some of my presentations, especially when I talk about the two swords.

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