New Knights of Lepanto Father-Son Encampment Website

Everything you need to know about the Father-Son Encampments. Please let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “New Knights of Lepanto Father-Son Encampment Website

  1. Briefly checked it out … looks very impressive. Is there no sound? Music might be nice.

    Also, as I quickly checked it out, the ‘age requirement’ seems rather vague. Do you want to include even toddlers and/or preschoolers? Or, are you looking for more of a ‘school aged’ boy? If you really don’t care, fine. If you do, you might want to define things a bit more. Just a thought. I’ll check it out some more later but I’m sure opinions from the men/boys would be more valuable to you.

  2. Father it is great, yet when you try to click on say… images… it won’t let you.

    Other than that it is great.
    Thank you

  3. Sir Réne,

    I would be most grateful.


    Yes, I wil add music. As far as the age requirement goes, it really depends on whether the kid is ready to camp. That is the bottom line.

    Br. Skeet,

    The pics in the slide shows are at full resolution so a pop out would not give you any better view. I will have larger photos in the image gallery as soon as I have a chance to get that together.

  4. Perhaps as a suggestion, I would put one of those Mystical Templar Chants as the background music.

    Crucem Sanctam Subiit or Salve Regina…

  5. Well, as usual, you all had wonderful weather! I hope it was a weekend full of blessings, learning, praying, repentance … and energy! 😉

    I tripped on this website that might be fun for the boys who are pumped with thoughts of Catholic knighthood.

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