Why Cat Lovers Need to Get a Dog

Couldn’t resist.

10 thoughts on “Why Cat Lovers Need to Get a Dog

  1. Should be entitled, “Why dog owners need to get a life”. Now, I have kept this a secret for nearly 6 mos but we now have a dog. So, for all the people who thought me as STUBBORN, you may kindly eat your words. I was NEVER going to own one of these drooling, jumping, barking, and shedding creatures … NEVER. But my husband has wanted one for over 20 yrs and my children all wanted one so I felt like I needed to sacrifice for the sake of my family.

    But, it never amazes me what people will do for their dog … like this above video! They’re animals … gettum off the darn trampoline. oy.

  2. Timely. The inventor of the trampoline George Nissen died last Wednesday. I wonder if he knew that even animals benefited from his invention.

  3. Jack Russell Terriers NEED a trampoline. (Although, I think most of them have springs in their paws naturally … they’re always JUMPING.)

  4. Jen,

    I take it have a Jack Russell then. Or was that because of Nazareth Priest’s comment?

    And, of course, whatever kind of dog it is, we know that it is mom’s dog, isn’t it?

    Just teach him to do this and you will have never ending entertainment:

  5. Fr. Angelo,

    My comment about the Jack Russell was to Nazareth priest. We have one of those rescue dogs which, IMHO, is the fancy way of saying that we have a mutt! The mother was a mini pinscher and the father was maybe part border collie and/or german shepherd. She’s active and is about a year now and weighs 28 pounds. Yes, she is mom’s dog which of course is ironic since Mom was the one who did NOT want her.

    The one thing tempting about the trampoline is it would give her the exercise she needs. (I loved the walks with her, but she pulls and twists me so badly that, believe it or not, I slipped a disc in my back which has taken me over a month from which to heal.) The family felt very badly but did anyone step up to walking her??? Noooooo.

    Had we not the allergies in this house that we have, I’d have taken the CAT any day of the week. I don’t really need another critter who needs me so badly, like a dog. But, perhaps she’ll grow on me. (So I’m told.) Maybe when my back heals completely.

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