Real Templars

Here is some information that is real news to me, provided by Noah and Ryan, in regard to a legimate claiment to the title Militia Templi Christi Pauperum Millitum Ordo, or Knights Templar.  And yes, this is very legit, a fact which I was not inclined to accept, until it was proven to me.  Mind you, the members of this brotherhood in arms are very clear to disclaim any connection with the historical order, since any such claim, if and when made—as it often is by pretenders—is always false.  The knights already have a well established presence in the United States.

The professed members have a fourth promise of “public testimony of faith.”  Excellent!

Here is some background from Noah and I invite him to respond if anyone has any questions.

First, we do not claim to be descended from the original order.  Many of the people making that claimare Freemasons.

We are a canonically legal Lay Order who live according to the Rule of the Militia Templi which is a close replica of the Primative Rule of the Templare written by St. Bernard of Clairvaux.  Like the ancient Order, the Militia Templi consists of Catholic Lay Faithful binding ourselves to much of the aethetics of the monk, but living in the secular world as knights, in effect a restoration of the order.

We are recognized as a private association of lay faithful and our Constitution and Rule are approved by the Archdiocese of Siena.  The Magistral See of the Militia Templi is located in Poggibonsi Italy.  The Magistral See consists of a 12th Century Templar castle which is the See of the Grand Master of the Order.  The Abbot Protector of the Militia is HE Abbot Philip Lawrence OSB of Christ in the Desert Monastery.  Like the ancient Order, the Militia Templi is divided into Preceptories and the North American Preceptory now consists of eight Professed Knights, two Dames and approximately 25 Novices.  In the North  American Preceptory we have four Chaplains to include our senior Chaplain, HE Bishop Kevin Vann, Bishop of Ft. Worth Tx.  The Militia Templi is in full communion with the Holy See and with the local Ordinary.

Pope John Paul II gave plenary indulgences to the order 1989 for certain special liturgical feast days and the days of our novitiate and investiture, etc.  In 1991 the Militia received an indult from the Holy See to use

the liturgy in place by 1962.  Accordingly, the Militia has a preference for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and prays the Divine Office per the Breviary of Blessed John XXIII.

The Militia Templi consists of both celibate and married knights as well as dames.  As laity, knights take perpetual private vows of obedience to the Rule and the Superiors of our Order, chastity according to our station in life, spiritual poverty, and to defend the Holy Faith.  Under the discipline of the Rule, knights and novices are bound to pray certain parts of the Divine Office, assist Holy Mass frequently, receive the sacrament of penance at least once a month and pray the Holy Rosary daily.  As such, the Militia is a vocation which is the gift of God.  Our hope is to achieve heaven, and holiness and sanctification on earth by a life of work, prayer and self-sacrifice.   We pray and work so that we may live a life of heroic virtue and prefer nothing to the love of Christ.  For me it is my weakness that makes me need to live under such a rule and which allows Christ to be our strength and Mary to be our consolation.

As Knights living in the world we offer ourselves as the victims of the secular battlefield as the priest offers himself as the victim of the Mass. It is the charism of the Order to protect  what remains of Christendom against secularism with its attendant erred philosophies threatening our culture, and to work towards the restoration of Christendom.  The Militia defends and supports the traditional Liturgy and the social dogmas of the Church per the Magisterium.  We have a special focus on the teaching of the Holy Faith and knightly virtue to the young in an age of relativism and practical atheism.

I am a huge fan of MaryVictrix, Standing Fast, AirMaria and the FI.

Thanks, Noah.


9 thoughts on “Real Templars

  1. Dames?! Female members!? Tell me more! Do we get swords??!! Armor?! I’m thinkin’ not…but had to ask on behalf of us Other Marys…

  2. Other Mary,

    To Quote directly from our Rule

    “The second category comprises women of good will who, kindled by a sincere devotion for the Lord and Our Lady, and wishful to enhance their Christian life, while remaining in their state, dedicate part of their energies and their prayers to the Militia and, collaborating actively with the Knights, serve their Supreme King together.
    They are called Ladies: before God, the Master of the Militia and the Chapter, they solemnly undertake their responsibilities the day on which they receive the habit and the Cross.”

    However they are not considered Knights and therefore are not allowed to vote, hold leadership positions and they have their own separate habits. My wife is currently a postulant.

  3. Thank you, Noah! That is very interesting and helpful! What a very wonderful, important and very appropriate role for the Ladies!

  4. I am familiar with the Militia Templii and express some caution regarding them. My experience from about 4 or five years ago, at one of their retreats, was disappointing. This stemmed from some items that were raised that indicated internal issues, relations with their diocese, and some theological positions. It is very possible that they have resolved the items I was aware of by now. Nevertheless, I feel the need to mention my past experience in case anyone is seriously considering looking into the Militia Templii so that they carefully investigate with prudence and wisdom.

  5. Dear Robert…
    I believe it was Tolkein who said, “Beginnings are fragile things…” Yes, you are correct, any issues have been resolved (I was blessed to have been involved). Less than issues, there had been some communication problems as the Order established itself in North America. The kind acceptance of our Protector, HE Abbot Philip Lawrence and our senior Chaplain, HE Bishop Kevin Vann has aided us greatly in our continuing resolve to remain obedient to, not only our Rule, but to the Magisterium and the local ordinary. Should you have further questions feel free to email me at May God bless you…

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