Griswold’s Greccio

In Griswold we assemble a rather large nativity scene that I constructed over several years from polystyrene and decorate with trees, live plants and flowers, dried plants and, this year, with branches from a blooming cherry tree that I found in New York City. The whole creche tradition comes from St. Francis and his Christmas in Greccio in 1223, where he reenacted the first Christmas and had the Holy Mass celebrated near the creche.  Click on the images for a larger view.

8 thoughts on “Griswold’s Greccio

  1. It’s breathtaking! I love how the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Thank you for doing all this work each year. I’m always amazed at how you achieved the depth of the sky in the background. I’ve never seen that done anywhere but at this Friary. Continued Christmas blessings to you all.

  2. This has to be one of the most beautiful mangers contsructed anywhere, I brought my 4 young childrean out saturday morning and they just stared in amazment at the nativity. I love praying the “prayer before a manger scene” found in the Magnificat advent suppliment before this nativity. God Bless You Father.

  3. The blossoms are an awesome addition this year, Father! I happened to spot the buds after Midnight Mass and saw them opening up at my Holy Hour Sunday night – a real treat!

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