A Christmas Meditation

Updated below.

A Taunton man says his 8-year-old son was sent home from school and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after drawing a stick figure Jesus on a cross.

The man told the Taunton Daily Gazette his second-grader made the drawing after his teacher asked children to sketch something that reminded them of Christmas. He said the teacher at Maxham Elementary School thought the drawing was too violent.

Jingle bells or nothing in the Massachusetts school system.  Figures.  No room at the inn.

Update: Superintendent of schools denies report.

Second Update: Father of boy stands by story.

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Meditation

  1. All my kids went to the Dentist today and the hygenist asked my 9 year old son what his favorite part of Christmas was. He said “Jesus being born”, she said “right.. um.. my favorite part is when our whole family gets together…”
    It also reminds me of a time I babysat for a young boy around Christmas time who looked at our manger scene and wanted to know what it was. He truly had no idea that Christmas was about Jesus’ birth. It boggled my mind…

  2. I wonder what this school said during the Halloween season. Was it o.k to draw aweful pictures during Halloween of dragons slaying humans. Perhaps biting off their heads. I seriously would like to see some of those same kids from that same class that drew Halloween pictures? I’m sure that they must have drawn something during the Halloween season.

  3. Yes, to both of you, quiver and Darlene. Forgive me if I link the animosity toward Christmas to the state policy of Massachusetts of rejecting natural law. The state has institutionalized a mental illness, at best and willful depravity at worst.

  4. When I read things like this, I am shocked and guess I’m also blessed and fortunate that my town’s school has not been like this … yet. My oldest daughter had to do a biography project and mini paper when she was in the 2nd grade; she chose Mother Teresa and the teacher had no problem with it. That same daughter later chose to do a history day project on our Late Pope JPII and controversial papers on birth control, etc … she never got ANY flack whatsoever. My other daughter has done a few things, though not as much, and still … no flack and no punitive grades. I substituted for a 3rd grade class a couple of years ago right before Christmas and the teacher had me read a book to the kids on the TRUE meaning of Christmas … there was a book about the nativity. (It was a Tomie de Paola book) and there were Catholic priests in it, etc. Anyway, I was SHOCKED and questioned the teacher on it … can we read this??? She said, “Why not? You can’t tell them what to believe but you surely can read the story of Christmas to them.” So, we had quite a lively discussion … asking them about the priests, who they are, who Jesus, Joseph and Mary are, etc etc. I also enjoy the Christmas concerts every year in the schools … I have heard beautiful Christmas music (once there was a Gregorian chant done with an Ave Maria overlay … I cried). There was a song at Easter time (Spring Concert) all in Latin … Kyrie. We’ve had Handel Messiah and traditional Christmas songs, gospel tunes,etc. So … all is not completely lost yet in these schools. Not all teachers are anti-Christian with a hidden agenda to steal the hearts and minds of our children.

    So … as always, I am sensitive to people taking one situation in one corner of the country and extrapolating it to the entire nation. However, at the same point, I am concerned that if this happens in one corner of the Country and is allowed to go unpunished, it very well can extrapolate to the rest of the nation!! And, Massachusetts’ smut always seems to ooze down to us. So, we must keep our eyes wide open … even though I long to sleep! sigh.

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