Fall Encampment Cancelled


Blame it on the weather.  Look forward to seeing everyone next year in Spring.

2 thoughts on “Fall Encampment Cancelled

  1. Ok. I was going to teas a bit about this (what would Don Juan have done… etc…) but after looking at the chill map… I’m actually wishing that Al Gore was right for a change.

    Well good men of Lepanto… I will have to wait to spring to see you fine people, I guess.

    Ave Maria!

  2. Pascendi,

    Visits outside of encampments are fine and encouraged!

    I wonder if Nobel Prizes are rescindable (is that a word?)? Al Gore should send his back and refund the money since he was so clearly wrong. Perhaps the great “O” should give his back also once it is shown that he didn’t do….(not sure what)…ummm…….. say…(nope).. how ’bout defend….(nah, not that either)…. Ok, I give up. I guess he can’t give his back since we don’t actually know what he did, or was supposed to do to win it. Nice angle really!

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