Just Say No

Breakthrough Study:  Learning to Say “No” to yourself is a key to success.

I guess child psychology has come around full swing.  On second though, perhaps, not quite.  We have not gotten around to identifying certain choices as “bad” yet.  What is the word?  O yes, “inappropriate.”

Catholics used to call this “mortification,” which is a sound psychological habit elevated by grace and supernatural motivation.  But we guilty Catholics, what do we know?

The new apologists would tell us that God is like a marshmallow.

7 thoughts on “Just Say No

  1. That is just way to funny. I needed a good laugh!
    Oh and by the way………. That second marshmallow (God) will diffently be well worth the wait. LOL

  2. Great, video, can we show this in Catholic Schools where “Marshmellow God” is the flavor of the day! (ok, in Texas anyway…ya know…’s’more Country!)

  3. Marshmallows are easy………..but put a steak in front of me and I’m sure to fail. There’s nothing like a good steak. Get behind me Satan!

  4. This was very funny … and gooey. But, also quite sobering as many of us would probably have failed the marshmallow test as children and I wonder if my kids would have passed it at those young ages. sigh.

  5. one other thought (not to overanalyze marshmallows): They (who’s they anyway?) claim that those who could prolong the gratification of eating the marshmallow in order to have two, were shown to be more successful in life as they were followed for 18 yrs.

    Define SUCCESS. I have been more and more turned off by the worldly definition of success.

    sticky subject, I know.

  6. I agree with Jen. What is success? Society has really twisted the idea of success. I too have a major problem with the idea of todays standards of success. If you are not working or you do not have a PHD then you are considered a failure in todays standards. Perhaps this could make a whole new thread on your blog. My idea of success is heaven.

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