MaryVictrix Desktops 2009

MV Desktop 2009 Head Pic

Some time ago I designed a desktop wallpaper for MaryVictrix.  Here is a new one for 2009.  The Theme is “vigilance” and is based on our Encampment Night Watch.

The whole idea of the Night Watch is to teach the boys the importance of having a keen mind and heart.  We need to be aware of the situation at hand all the time, the dangers to one’s soul and those of others and to be vigilant in the service of God and neighbor.

The fire represents the light of faith and ardor of charity, gifts which we must treasure and protect for the love of God and out of a sense of our own welfare.  More than that, we need to realize that each of us is responsible for the salvation of others and be at the ready to protect and defend the common good.

There are many shadowy aspects of life and into each of them we need to bring the light.  Catholic manliness is a light on the hill top.  We should be a source of hope and healing for all in need.

The rendering has the light of hope embedded in the shadows.  See if you can find those places.

Mac Cinema Display
MV Desktop 2009 1683 x 1052 Mac
1683 x 1052
PC Cinema Dispays
MV Desktop 2009 1280 x 800 MV Desktop 2009 1224 x 768
1280 x 800
1224 x 768
PC Standard Dispays
MV Desktop 2009 1280 x 1024 MV Desktop 2009 800 x 600
1280 x 1024
800 x 600

2 thoughts on “MaryVictrix Desktops 2009

  1. I’ve been trying to find a nice desktop wallpaper for a bit. I did find what I thought to be a great painting of the Blessed Mother with the Infant Jesus surrounded by lilies. But I was informed that this particular artist (who also painted something similar with angels playing the violin) sort of fell out of grace. I have trouble finding full-page wallpapers.

    I’m not sure this one is one I want, though it is a great shot of the friary castle at night. I’m sure you Knights of Lepanto will love it. The shape of the flames makes it appear that there’s a person being burned at the stake. (I hope it’s not just my sick imagination and that no one else sees this.) Is it supposed to appear as that? In other words, stay vigilant or ‘burn for eternity later.

  2. I can just see Michael Brown of Spirit Daily posting this with some big headline “Hidden Message in Griswold Fire…”

    Thanks from G-man and me.

    Want you to know that I’m not replacing my PCPA nuns (of Mother Angelica fame) desktop at the office though! No offense I hope. Hey… THEY’RE FRANCISCANS TOO ya know!

    Ave Maria!

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