Stupid Boys

This is classic.  Obviously, they did not read the instructions in the Dangerous Book for Boys.  They figured the pictures were enough.  Notice also the camera-girl laughing.

This is why men get a bad name.  Funny thing is we generally never regret having done stuff like this.

Reminds me of something Anthony Esolen wrote:

Never marry a woman who does not laugh at your jokes or your buffoonery.  That is one of the nicest ways in which men “serve” women, and women respond by taking delight in the antics.  That is why God made impersonators of Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, and Homer Simpson.  It may in fact be the principal justification for the existence of Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, and Homer Simpson.  This rule is simply an instance of the more general rule that you should never marry a woman who does not genuinely admire you, nor should a woman marry a man whom she does not admire.

12 thoughts on “Stupid Boys

  1. Father, tried sending you an email earlier to “” but it was kicked back. Have sent it now to “” instead.

  2. OK. Knight – you’re fired as an encampment planner. I’m sure the kids had plenty of fun with their slip and slide and no one needs to provide them with that degree of altitude. Don’t even THINK about the bell tower, either!

  3. WHAT? Do people actually do this as a hobby?! PLEASE! THAT is insane! OK, Father – you’ll be the test victim to calculate where the pool should go, then. If not you, Knight Errrant will be a close second. However, methinks Skeet might be the best candidate – less surface area — less drag.

  4. Sorry, I can’t get pass the quote from Anthony Esolen to even comment on the videos. Mr. Esolen has a way of nailing it on the head every time.

  5. Actually, it’s quite impressive how they managed to calculate the trajectory of that to know where to put the pool. A person of different weight/mass would land in a different location so these guys really had to work this out quite well or lifestar would have had to land in that field.

    THIS is exactly why I have a double standard with my teenage daughters and son. I let my teenage daughters stay home alone with a friend if I have to go out for a couple of hours. I do not let my teenage son, and he has a fit. But he’d be all over the above ‘challenges’ in a heartbeat.

    Father Angelo, if you take the challenge …wear a helmet and find a good chiropractor. You’ll need him after you land.

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