3 thoughts on “Funnelator

  1. …Just stumbled here via pure happenstance, searching for the “water weapon” I once made over 30 years ago, to determine if it’s extinct or extant! Glad youth still have fun with the water-balloon flinging trebuchet! 😉

    Z in Ohio

  2. Zander,

    You don’t know the half of it. We also had a full-scale pumpkin flinging trebuchet, as well as a air-pressurized water cannon that would spit about 25 gallons of water about 100 feet or so. God bless you.


    [Again,] Glad you encourage youth to enjoy the OUTDOORS with your “projectile flinging” devices! It’s unfortunate that so many kids ONLY can do activities inside, due to the plethora of electronic contraptions etc, that exterior fun is almost relegated to history.;-(

    I tried to introduce my girls [when they were younger] to archery, slingshot-ing, ATB cycling, hiking etc, but no avail; there was absolutely NO interest. One cannot compete against the internet, [then] IM’ing and cell-phones. 😉



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