Encampment Gallery, Summer 2009

3 thoughts on “Encampment Gallery, Summer 2009

  1. The Father and son encampment was an astounding success. Thank you to all who have given their time, efforts, and prayers. A special thank you to The Other Marys for their contributions to this great apostolate to spread Marian Devotion. Everything was GREAT…although I feel like I went 100 rounds with Cassius Clay.

    Thank you Father Angelo for forming the Knights, with out them none of this would be possible.

    God Bless

  2. Brother Skeet: What exactly is The Other Marys ?

    I ask, because at least one dad has asked me about events for his young girls in connection with the Friary. I only just introduced him to the Encampments this Monday (yesterday) on a local Home Schooling Yahoo group and he was pretty impressed (who would not be?). But since he has 2 young girls and a 7 year old boy… he was wondering if there was anything paralell for girls.

    Ave Maria!

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