Vortex Cannon!

Too awesome for commentary.

5 thoughts on “Vortex Cannon!

  1. So…. is he bringing this thing to the encampment or what??? (–chuckle—)

    Can we do the fine machine work in the friary garage?

    Which station will this be?

    Oh… and can Greg & I press the button?


  2. Not to be ‘buh humbug’ here because this was very awesome. But I think they cheated on the brick house, what do you think? The other houses had 4 sides to them and were clearly being held together by nails, ties or what-have-you whereas the brick house didn’t even really have 3 sides to it and there surely was no mortar holding the bricks in place. Hmmmmmm.

    Have you men really built one of these? I saw the birthday cake vortex thingie a year or so ago but it never wound up at an encampment, did it? If so, you’ll have to give the girls a chance to check it out, too. ;0)

  3. Jen: You are very perceptive. I also noticed how fragile the peaked roof of that brick house was.

    I don’t think that’s how things are built at the Friary!

    The closest I’ve ever come to one of these things was when I almost let my mother’s pressure cooker overheat! (lol).

    I AM envious of the guy that built it though. If I were retired… I could see myself moving to the sticks and building these types of dangerous things. I don’t think my venerable bride would “sign off” on that kind of thing though!

    Ave Maria.

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