Real Men by Michael Voris

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Well said.

Hat tip, Father Ignatius.

2 thoughts on “Real Men by Michael Voris

  1. Father Angelo,
    Have you ever heard of a hymn entitled “Stabat Mater” (At the Cross Her Station Keeping)? It is a very touching hymn of 10 stanzas, each with 6 lines. They celebrate the emotions of Our Lady at the Cross. It was already well known by th end of the 14th century.

    The sorrowful Mother was standing
    in tears beside the Cross on which
    Her Son was hanging. Her soul was
    full of grief and anguish
    and sorrow, for the sword
    of prophecy pierced it.

    How sad now and
    how unhappy at the fate of
    Her only Son was that Mother,
    once called Blessed;
    how the faithful Mother grieved
    and lamented as she saw her
    glorious Son so shamefully treated.

    Who is there who would not weep,
    were he to see Christ’s Mother
    in such great suffering?
    Or who could help feeling sympathy
    with the Mother, were he to think
    of Her sorrowing with Her Son?

    Yet She actually saw Jesus
    in agony and broken by the scourging
    and this because of the
    sins of Her own people.
    She saw Her dear Son all the time
    He was dying and abandoned until
    He yielded up His Soul.

    Come then, Mother from whom
    all love springs, make me understand
    the meaning of Your Sorrow that
    I may mourn with You. Make my heart
    burn with love of Christ, my God,
    that He may look on me with favor.

    Holy Mother, do this for me.
    Pierce my heart once and forever
    with the Wounds of Your crucified Son.
    Le me share with You the pain
    of Your son’s Wounds, for He thought
    it right to bear such suffering for me.

    Grant that my tears of love may mingle
    with Yours and that, as long as I live,
    I may feel the pains of my crucified Lord.
    To stand with You beside the Cross
    and be Your companion in grief
    is my own wish.

    Virgin without equal among virgins,
    do not turn down my request;
    grant that I may mourn with You.
    Grant that I carry about the
    dying state of Christ;
    grant that I be a sharer of His Passion;
    grant that I relive His Wounds.

    Grant that I be wounded with His Wounds;
    grant that I drink to my soul’s content of the
    Chalice of His Cross and Blood.
    Be a defense to me, Virgin Mary,
    on the Judgement Day, and I will not burn
    and be consumed in the fires of Hell.

    When it is time, Lord Christ,
    for me to leave this world,
    give me through Your Mother’s
    prayers the palm of victory.
    When my body is dead,
    grant that my soul be given the glory
    of Paradise. Amen (Alleluia.)

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