Still On Planet

No, I have not been kidnapped by aliens.  I have been working on the paper I am supposed to deliver in Fatima next week.  I will post the introduction before I leave on Monday Morning.  Meanwhile, here is a tidbit from the King of the United States, regarding his meeting with Pope Benedict;

Denis McDonough, a deputy White House national security aide, said of the pope and Obama, “They discussed a range of those issues, and I think the president was eager to listen to the Holy Father.” He said Obama was “eager to find common ground on these issues and to work aggressively to do that.”

How does the culture of death “aggressively” find common ground the culture of life except by either getting us to use their talking points, or by talking us to death, or by shutting us up?

4 thoughts on “Still On Planet

  1. I think the hierarchy of the pseudo-Catholic Church of Obama knows full well that as long as they can keep the rhetoric flowing, the Obama Catholics who put the “One” into office will continue to support him and his administration. Little will get out of the actual meeting in Rome and the stern words of advice our Holy Father will give to Mr. Obama. The Obama religious leaders and press offices need to keep this voting block intact; hence, the false rhetoric is maintained to sustain the deception. If any affinity can be drawn between Rome and Washington, the Obama Catholics will not withdraw their support. Lord, have mercy on us.

  2. For years I have watched with dismay as Catholics voted for the party of big labor and farm subsidies, regardless of their candidate’s stand on life issues. But we have crossed new lines now: we have drank the cool aid of the party that equates all evils with poverty, despite the glaring historical fact that widespread abortion always and everywhere follows on the heels of widespread prosperity. With King Obama, we are going to make abortion less common by making it less necessary; because, you see, the poor apparently always find it necessary to kill those who threaten their financial situation, regardless of how helpless and innocent. Under this king’s fiscal policies, and following his moral compass, blood should soon be running in the streets. Count on it.

  3. Ave Maria!

    I will pray for a safe trip to Fatima for you and everyone else and, once there, for the Holy Spirit to guide you all as you work on behalf of the Blessed Mother.

    We will look forward to hearing some of it on Airmaria.

  4. We will pray here for your Fatima project.

    As to Obama and the Holy Father, I’m afraid most American Catholics have more in common with Mr. Obama than they do with our dear Bishop in Rome. We have had 45 years of the same-old “same old” from our American Bishops to thank for that… and their very adept lay counterparts at the USCC (complete with guys like Harry Forbes the USCC movie reviewer):

    My aunt used to tell me that often, “God’s wrath is when He let’s us have our hearts content… because the human heart can be a dark and dismal place”. I believe that is a description of how we ended up with this usurper in the oval office and modernism in our parishes.

    On the bright side of things… this Thursday I will take a day off and bring my family to a Carmelite Wedding ceremony as a dear friend of ours takes her vows in a Carmel in NJ.

    Sorry, I will probably not see y’all during the encampment because I’m running low on days off and rather stressed out at work. As the effects of the past administration’s “compassionate conservatism” wends it’s way through our economy and more and more people loose their jobs, I find that my employer is expecting more and more out of each and every worker. This, because employers now realize that for every worker, there are 10 lined up behind him who want his job. Thus we are expected to work longer hours without added compensation) and under more stressful conditions. I count myself blessed to still be employed, but I have been there for many years and wonder when they will decide to let me go and hire someone with half my salary soon.

    I sure hope the Fatima Consecration is done properly soon! I believe there is a connection between the consecration being done with Russia being named and with full ecclesial participation, and our leaders in Rome finally naming Our Lady as Co Redemptrix. Once that is done… I believe the the bark of Peter will level out… (indeed the leveling is already starting on some places) and culture will once again be informed by the Faith (instead of the other way around).

    But hey… what do I know… I’m just the “man in the pew”.

    Ave Maria!

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