Okay, boys, after watching this try not whining for a few days at least.  Make sure no girls are watching, so they don’t see you wiping your eyes.

Via Hot Air.

8 thoughts on “Sacrifices

  1. I don’t think they are embarassed Father, I think they are awe struck – and thus don’t know how to respond. Thank you for putting that up there.

  2. Awesome Father,

    Would that more men understood that the difference between this man and the spineless twits who abandon families all too often these days, is simply that this man knows the meaning of sacrifice. And his family understands that and stand behind him allowing him to be a true American Hero in the way we usually understand heroes. But I believe that every man who slogs it out at work 8-12 hours a day, every day, in a thankless awful job to feed and clothe his family is also a hero!

    In the same way, God sacrificed his only son and all true heroes are simply a reflection of that amazing reality. The way that little girl reacts is the way we should all react at every mass.

    Wolf Blitzer should take notes and try to live up to such noble guests.

  3. This is a really good video. Thank you Father Angelo. I am glad that this Dad does truly know the meaning of sacrifice for his family, and also, it is great to see the press publicizing a real man.
    However, I think that his greatest sacrifice may be going to see the Jonas Brothers’ concert with his daughter…

  4. Thanks Father,

    I welled up, I am willing to admitt it. I try to put myself in other peoples shoes. I think how hard it must be for these fathers to go off and serve a country that is “unappreciative” of them, leving thier family behind. I have a hard time doing it every morning and I pray that I get the day off so I can come home. These men, these Knights, don’t get days off, to come home.

    God Bless Our Troops, and May Our Lady watch over the fathers (and Mothers) that serve defending our freedom while giving up theirs.

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