On Patrol

My take on the salvo against professor Schindler regarding the Christopher West debate.

Thanks again, Dawn!

4 thoughts on “On Patrol

  1. I have decided not to say too much more on this. I started commenting initially, but quite honestly, I am no theologian, no scholar, I’m not a man, and I’ve only heard a small fraction of West’s lectures. Basically, I’m learning over the years as to when I just need to keep my mouth shut.

    But, I have been reading all the comments. One thing that I find very puzzling is the whole discussion of Catholic puritanism. Excuse me … I don’t know ANYONE under the age of 60 who has been brought up with anything even close to a puritanical approach. Standing in front of a mirror naked? Puhlease. We have had hollywood showing us bodies since the 70’s … we have had hollywood and schools telling us that sex is natural, everyone’s doing it with everyone … get over it. Heck, I remember being a freshman in highschool and having my doctor ask me if I wanted to go on the pill. When I said that I didn’t need to and that my mother would kill me, he said my mother was a prude! (I’m in my mid-40’s so this was 30-something years ago.) If anything, we need to get a healthy dose of something a little more puritanical. So, I’m confused about this notion of being freed from puritanism because, quite honestly, I haven’t seen one iota of anything close to that in my life … not even from the Church!

    Now, I do feel the Church needs to openly discuss sexuality from a Catholic standpoint because most Catholics are not viewing it puritanically but instead quite the opposite. Infidelity and birth control have completely infested Catholic homes … even orthodox Catholic homes. Pornography is not just at the movie theaters, via Hugh Hefner, or on the internet .. but on billboards on the highway, Victoria Secret commercials and Herbal Essence orgasmic, I mean organic, shampoo commercials. We are drowning in it. So, the Church needs to get vocal … very vocal … not puritanical … but instructive. Apparently Christoper WEst isn’t the answer … hopefully someone else steps up to the plate.

  2. One good thing that has come out of this whole debate for me is that I have discovered your blog, Fr. Angelo! I have found your insights on West to be the most insightful overall. (Additionally, I have found your excellent writing style quite refreshing!) Please do keep commenting on this debate. Your posts have been very helpful to me and others I know.

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