Spring Encampment 2009 Debriefing


There were eighty-nine Fathers and Sons at the 2009 Spring encampment this past weekend.  Thanks to everyone for making it happen and making it both spiritually profitable and fun!

Here are the links to a talk I gave to the younger boys and then to one to the older boys, courtesy of AirMaria! (The beginning of the one for the older boys is cut off–sorry.)  And take a look at the Roving Reporter’s coverage of the event.

We inducted Master Paul Ethier into the fellowship of the nights during the weekend as well as Adam Girard.  Significant are the facts that Paul was Marc Girard’s best friend and Adam his brother.  Both were invested in the tunic word by Marc shortly before his heroic passing from this world.  Congratulations to both of them and welcome to our fellowship. (Video of induction ceremony to follow.) VIDEO ADDED.

Concerning Nightwatch:  relish the good news!

Special Thanks to Robert from Corpus Christianum for his kindness in donating the funds for the purchase of five longsword wasters.  He tells us that the men of Corpus Christianum are “fully in support of [our] work in forming young men in Catholic chivalry and fealty to Christ the King and his Holy Mother.”

God bless these men.  I ask the Knights, Squires and Pages to support their holy work as well.

Click on the thumbnails below for a better look.  Comments welcome.

4 thoughts on “Spring Encampment 2009 Debriefing

  1. Just don’t give Gabriel a sword. Her takes this way to serious. Girls beware. And I do hope no chickens were hurt during the process and are they shooting those bow and arrows at the chickens. Those poor defenseless animals. Oh wait was chicken on the menu?

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