Nightwatch Neutralizes Attackers

Night Watch 2009

By  The Stealth Bomber

GRISWOLD — Recoiling from a first-time defeat during the Fall Encampment of last year, the “Attack Team” adults of the Nightwatch Game were completely shut out by the much less experienced and younger “Defenders,” during the Spring Encampment, this Memorial Day weekend.  “We were defeated by superior group led by a mastermind,” said Mr. Dietz, the leader of the Attackers, who humbly acknowledged the tight spot in which his group now finds itself.

Shortly before the game began at 10:30 pm on Saturday night the Attackers managed to negotiate rule changes they thought would guarantee fairer odds. Instead, what they found was a group of Defenders undaunted by the sudden necessity to adjust strategy. The new “capture the flag” type objective only steeled the Defenders’ resolve to make swift work of the Attackers, which they did.

Now shaken by a two-time loss, the Attackers will be under considerable pressure to regain their prestige next time they take the field during the Summer Encampment.

The following statement has been released by the leader of the Nightwatch Defenders:

“You, men of Lepanto and diverse other lords of households, who have no right to this Watchfires of Sirs Thomas and Marc, be it known that you are here ordered and notified through me, Black Hood, to stay far from the precincts of our Watchfires, and sleep well on your soft air-mattresses; or I will produce a clash of arms to be eternally remembered. And since this is the second time you have failed to succeed in your base and wicked designs, I urge you for your own sakes to resolve upon a life of ease, since you are unsuited to a life of combat; I shall not write anything further.”

28 thoughts on “Nightwatch Neutralizes Attackers

  1. Corrections are needed in your reporting “Stealth Bomber”. I am certain that your reporting was not only biased but down right liberal. I believe that Mr. Dietz did acknowledge his humble defeat, yet I was present for the phone conversation and I believe what was said is “We were defeated by superior group led by a mastermind…of deception and lies.” Also being present at the games I would like to turn the tables if you would and try to keep the fire and see if you and the bad news bears can take it. We would use your rules and strategy of having 6 people sit 4 feet from the flags and the other 6 of you posted at each entry way, then not allowing us to sneak through the walls of trees, the cards were clearly stacked against us, and I do accept defeat. But please leave the reporting to the Air Maria roving reporter he has no bias and he is not under the spell of left wing tolerant media.

  2. Yes! Let’s do it again. Mr. Dietz was defeated by deception and lies? I didn’t know that Mr. Dietz was on defense, and that defense lost. “I was just looking for my father.” 🙂 And Brother Skeet, I killed you once, I can do it again! And their was no deception or lies! As for having 6 people 4 feet away, it was only 1 person 10 feet away. The rest didn’t qualify as people. Not only that, no one was ever tagged at the flags, they were tagged at the edge of the field, either leaving, or entering. 🙂

  3. you are right. as much as you guys claim that you were not those close, you had at one time four people around it, and you are right as well bro skeet. they blocked all the time so we didn’t really have a way to get in and when we did it would have been suicide to even attempt to get the flags. and you were also right about the deception and lies, they talk about the in dept “rules” in private with the knights but forgot to tell the keys rules to us like we can’t stealth kill the defenders on their ground. i hope you guys are ready for net time because we may have failed this time, only bc it was new and we weren’t quite ready yet, next time we will come back with a vengance never before seen. i may not be going again but that doesn’t mean that i won’t be helping. i am coming up with plans that will change the way you think about strategy. as for the air mattress: who needs a bed period or sleep? 🙂 i won’t be sleeping thank you very much. Ave Maria.

    ps. let me know if you have any questions, i may not be able to tell if they involve and plans.

  4. Hmm I somewhat remember running in and grabbing a flag and making it safely out. But somehow someone (liberal full of lies and deceit) made a rule that we had to exchange prisoners with the flag if we wanted to regain a captured member of our team.

    Personally, we need a code of rules written down so its clear and unbiased.

    I sleep now.

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  6. Yes, yes… I was present for the youth attack. The “shut out” consisted of several taken flags being recalled by the Dark Nit or Stealth Barber (or whatever he was called) due to concerns of “fairness.” Apparently, unless an attacker stops, announces himself in plain sight and submits to a search before attempting to take a flag, it is “unfair.” I was also especially amused when the defenders moved the flags closer to the fire so that they could sit and remain warm while “defending.” Be that as it is, in the spirit of courtesy the attackers graciously submitted themselves to the biased rules of the turncoat leader of the pitiable defenders. The youth where defeated without dishonor when they bravely but futilely attacked while the defenders stood arm-in-arm around the flags without venturing outside of their warm & comfy domain.

    Still, a victory is a victory. Congratulations to the defenders for keeping the fire for two straight encampments.

  7. Steve,

    . . .in the spirit of courtesy the attackers graciously submitted themselves to the biased rules of the turncoat leader of the pitiable defenders.

    Go back to your air-mattress and dream up another one. On second thought, you must be sleep typing.

  8. Now, now gentlemen, a defeat is a defeat no matter what the “circumstances” of said defeat was in. I will honorably say that taking the fire, or the flags, was a feat of substantial proportion. Now in regards to the rules they were both agreed upon by the two parties in the utmost acts of chivalry and charity. They however were skewed like a beef upon a skewer on the flames of an eternal never ceasing fire. They defenders never went outside of their comfort zone to try to attack the attackers. They stayed behind their warm cushy fire and waited to be attacked. As a matter of fact the only person to venture out further than 100 yards was indeed Grey Beard, who by the way was on some kind of masking agent. A big black cloak he donned which was a metaphor for the way he ran his boys. It was not unlike the scene in Sleeping Beauty when Maleficent had her trolls of the netherworld go out and sneakily find out the whereabouts of Aurora. Not very chivalrous if you ask me. Spies of al sorts were used, and when the attackers tried to use deception, symphonies of Violins were heard playing in honor of the “Stealth bomber”.

    But a win is a win no matter how you get it, so kudos night watch, you may have won the battle but you will not win the war.

  9. Brother Skeet,

    Your post is entirely wrong. My sources tell me that a young man known to his friends as “The Dictator” went out very far on a mission to kill the one known as Paul. While Paul was eventually caught by another of the valiant defenders, this young man, “The Dictator” contradicts almost every point you made, as he spent about 60% – 70% of his time in the enemy fields. My sources also tell me, that the attackers failed to pick up his signs, along with many others who accompanied him on several occasions. After talking to “The Dictator” himself, it has become apparent to me that the attackers were only under illusion that we never left the field, simply because they could not spot us. It has also become apparent that the attackers could use some night-vision goggles.

    • Skeeters,

      I concur with SV. In fact I can personally vouch that the one known as Black Hood ventured twice all the way back to the grill where our captive brothers were being held and rescued them on both ocassions. If this is the first you have heard of this then perhaps you should spend less time cuddling with your air-mattress.

  10. Ave Maria. Praised be Jesus & Mary! I was one of the defenders who stayed awake for the entire watch and I do admit that we unfairly surrounded the flags at one point. However, we were admonished for this by Fr. Angelo and never repeated that violation again. Personally, this game didn’t symbolize defending the Fire of our Faith very well because, as you can see through reading a good Catholic history book, the Catholic Church was attacked more than thrice in Its History. I was expecting action, and coordinated assaults from the enemy; instead, I stood still and heard a lot of noises on the borders but didn’t repel anyone, because practically no one attacked. I thought that the attackers were coming up with some Master Plan to conquer us because nothing happened for so long. I sincerely hope the Attackers do better next time, so that I will have something to do besides standing in one position all night.

    P.S. I also can vouch on my honor for the fact that at least 3 of our number ventured behind enemy lines.

  11. Many thanks to our eyewitness account by Immaculatæ Omnia. As everyone can see, there is no longer need for a discussion as to whether or not our media is biased. It simply tells the truth. The truth however, may be biased, but it is up to the attackers to decide that.

  12. I refuse to go tit for tat on who won the night watch. It is clearly evident that the defenders did indeed win the battle. As far as Signa, Imaculattae, and the Dark hood goes, I know you were out and about behind enemy lines because I was behind your lines trying to find a good position in which to attack from. I was unable to do so, but I will say I was deep behind your lines and I was undetected as well. No, no I did not attack I was bidding my time. It will come, have no fear, it will come. Just remember Don John was out numbered as well, and we all know how that turned out. SO you stand at guard waiting for attacks, never knowing what lurks in the shadows, for I’ll have you know I will be there I will be there.

    By the way Sir Richie why were you so apologetic to Sir David, and Sir Colin did you see me in the wood pile before Master Paul was captured. Sir Joe you were right in saying that we will attack from your weakest point when you were sitting within 5 feet of me sitting on the playscape wall. I saw you Dark Hood leave on the cottage side, you were right there was someone in the far garden corner.

    You have unleashed the hounds gentlemen, be for warned, you have unleashed the hounds. Congratulations for this will be your last. (Evil muhh hahh hahh laughter ensues)

    • Br.S.

      That’s Black Hood, or better, The Black Hood. Get it right or do not dare speak the name. And no you were not undetected. The Black Hood saw everything, though you did not see him!!

  13. Ave Maria! Brother Skeet: Great! I am awaiting with anticipation the prospect of action. I hope you gentlemen of “…base and wicked designs…” come up with some good strategic diversionary battle plans so that it will be more of a challenge for us. But also don’t forget that Don John was defending the Faith, not attacking It.

  14. I should bring my camera on teh attacking side next time. And add some cool Terminator/Predator effects to the video. 🙂

    Skeet, these guys are getting too comfortable. We need to remind them they are the hunted.

  15. wow, i will admit that you guys had a good defence, but like steve said, they brought the flags closer to the fire, and i can point out a million times when i walk into enemy lines undetected, and other times when i was in and people just walked past me.

  16. Signa,

    You are awesome. Great video… It is a pity I have to take you out. Not in a date type of way, but in the metaphoric killing kind of way:)

  17. To Brother Skeet –

    “I would as soon kill a man like yourself as I would break a stained glass window. However, I can’t have you following me around.” ~ Westley

    I’m out to get you! AGAIN!!!

  18. Sticks and stones may break my bones,
    But Signa will never get me.

    I will crush you like…like…Well like something getting crushed.

    See you in August Squire.

    No go away or or I shall taunt you a second time..

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