Black Banner and White Mantle

I have always wanted to find a Catholic reason to fly the Jolly Roger.  Perhaps this is it.

Every boy wants to be a pirate, in a manner of speaking.

10 thoughts on “Black Banner and White Mantle

  1. A great reason to fly the jolly roger. I’ll have to dig out the one I got the kids at the pirate museum in MA. and ask Mark to hang it outside. : )
    Victory or Death!

  2. Dear Father,

    I wanted to check to make sure you received a check, from Corpus Christianum, for the encampment. Just wanted to make it wasn’t lost.

  3. Robert,

    I did find the check. It will be cashed shortly. I apologize for my unchivalrous lack of courtesy.

    Thank you very much. Five longsword wasters are on their way. As soon as I have pictures of the melee and “carnage,” I will have them up for all to see.

    God bless you.

  4. Signa,

    Yes, a black flag will work; however, I am particularly fond of the Jolly Roger above. It has a particular name and history, which I cannot recall. I could find only one image of it on the web which was very small. That’s why I artsy-fartsy photoshopped it.

    Two sabers, a dagger in the teeth and the eye patch just warms my heart.

  5. Victory or Death? Oh that’s just so unfeeling! I’m quite sure that this would adversely affect somebodies self esteem, so I’m not sure I can support this. But I mean that in the the most constructive way of course.

    And those swords – I mean somebody will get an eye poked out with those! Maybe we can find a nice computer game, with some cartoon pirates perhaps – Hmmmm?

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