Some Heartburn for ND Cops Courtesy of Alan Keyes

Nice.  Too bad he could not have said this to Father Jenkins.  Think about his reflection on St. Paul.

3 thoughts on “Some Heartburn for ND Cops Courtesy of Alan Keyes

  1. I wonder how much sleep this Policeman has gotten since that encounter. I will offer up my prayers for this poor man, that he may be touched by what was said and that he may see the light.Hail Mary………

  2. I got all choked up listening to him. My husband and I just caught the tale end of Prez Obama’s speech at Notre Dame. In it he spoke of how people of equal integrity and commitment can disagree on issues but that we must find a way to bridge it all. Now, from a practical standpoint, this is true. However, it was disgusting that he stood in a Catholic institution for this and got loud applause as he mentioned stem cell and abortion dilemmas … the applause seemed to come when he discussed the other side’s position of wanting to find a cure for their diabetic child (thus justifying embryonic stem cell research) or reducing the abortions by *preventing unwanted pregnancies*. My heart sank. I wondered if Dr. Keyes heard any of this or whether he had been arrested by then.

    When you find this out, please update the blog because we cannot find it on the news right now.

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