Apparently the sexual revolution was not actually a reaction against prudish Christian morality from the Victorian Age, but rather a rebellion against prudish pagan morals of the Lower Palaeolithic Age.  It started with an argument over whether fig leaves were sufficient covering.  The prudes insisted that they start killing animals and using their pelts for clothing, and the poor unhugged libertines reacted by organizing sit ins in front of animal holes and whittling naked people out of fire wood.

(For those whose sense of humor is on life-support, this is a joke.  Keep the comments jovial and friendly or stay in your cave.)

4 thoughts on “Vindicated

  1. Personally, life would be VERY ugly without the few people who have a sense of humor. Most of the heavy subjects have very valid points on both sides so we must remain lighthearted or we will be weighed down into the mud.

    Okay, I came out of my cave for a good laugh and now it’s yucky outside so I’m crawling back in. buh humbug

  2. [frangelo deleted the major portion of this comment as it was double-posted.]

    Christopher West, God’s grace go with you as you attempt to repair the damage done by the zealots of perceived rightousness. My prayers be with you…. May Our Lady comfort you in this embarrassment at the manner in which your fellow Catholics have handled this and may Our Lady pour out Her graces that you continue to serve the Church with love and truth.

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