Spring Encampment

Click on image for information page on the Spring Encampment (Friday, May 22 – Sunday, May 24).

The link in the sidebar will remain there.  Note that the dates for the Summer and Fall Encampments are given there as well.  Mark your calendars.

19 thoughts on “Spring Encampment

  1. My oldest son is five. Is he still too young to get anything out of the encampments? Or should we wait until next year to start?

  2. Patty,

    It’s really up to you and your husband, whether you think he is ready or not. Has he been camping before? It might be a bit young. I don’t know if anyone remembers whether we have had a boy that young before.


    What, you think I am a turncoat?

  3. Dear Fr Angelo,

    I have always had an interest in Catholisism & its history.
    I recently acquired a medallion commemorating the battle of Lepanto. I believe this medallion to be made of church plate, but am uncertain of its origin, the text being ‘M.D.L.XXI./ANNO.MAGNAE NAVALIS VICTORIAE DEI GRACIA CONTR TVRCAS
    Do you have the facility to enable me to upload a photograph of this medallion, for verification through church records of its existence.
    I look forward to your reply and any information you can provide.

    Yours sincerely

    Kevin Turner

  4. Kevin,

    “1571, Year of the great naval victory by the grace of God against the Turks.”

    You would have to take a digital photo or or scan a print and then email it to whomever you think might be able to verify its provenance.

    If you need more information, please send me an email.

  5. Father,
    In regards to the “Night Watch”, you have to paths to choose from. The on that is wide and well traveled, or the path that is narrow and hard to traverse. Choose wisely.

  6. So it is written
    so it is done!!!!
    Prepare to get speared
    Oh wise and Great Grey Beard.

    Hey I’m a poet and don’t even know it.

  7. Father,

    I will Take your non-response as one of three things.
    1) You were at the DWM and have had no time to respond.
    2) You are just so awestruck by my poetry skills, the which have not been seen since “The Ballad of the White Horse”, you can not possible follow greatness.
    3) You are shaking in your boots due to fear.
    See you at the encampment.

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