Resisting the Thought Police


We have all heard of the boiled frog analogy which is used often these days because of the media driven moral, political and cultural decline.  The phrase “politically correct” has become almost an overused cliché for the same reason.  It’s not that these ideas are overused in the sense that there are not abundant applications for their legitimate use, but because there are so many proper applications that their distinct connotation seems less and less meaningful.  In other words, the frogs are pretty much done and ready to eat.

I again give the example of Miss California, because in spite of her faults, her situation underlines how far the media has taken their “laws” of acceptable speech.  One may now be crucified, not only for a politically incorrect opinion, but more importantly, for even daring to give such an opinion as an honest answer to a direct question.  It is as though the PC police think they have the right to random searches of our consciences, and more than that, to inspection on demand of what we are willing to say or not to say.  They know what we think and we know what they want us to say, and we both know that the two are not the same.  We are expected to tell them what they want to hear.  They will indulge our opinions as long as we do not express them or act on them, but God help us if we bring our honest convictions out into the public forum, even when we are asked for our opinion.

As almost completely boiled frogs we have lost most of our sense of pain and are nearly paralyzed.  Consciousness is slipping away and we find it hard to care enough to resist.  It’s almost over.  But even if we had been thrown into the lukewarm water just a second ago, we would still have to resist with all our might, because the whole modus operandi of political correctness is to lull us into complete inaction by means of an incremental continuum of euphemisms and self congratulatory, non-confrontational and passive admonitions of tolerance.  To the extent that this is successful, the behavior of the masses  in turn conforms itself to the goal of the social engineers.  The only effective resistance is that which is total and unyielding.

The ironic and horrifying thing is that many people have gladly donated their froggy bodies to these “social scientists” for the progress of humanity.  I remember on several occasions that in the deliberations of the Connecticut State Assembly on the question of same-sex marriage, any number of legislators would talk about the evolution of thought on the question of homosexuality and gay marriage.  “We have come a long way from when we discussed the question of same-sex adoptions,” they say, “In a few more years, who knows where we will be questions related to homosexuality?”  Granted some of those who made remarks like this were ideologues and propagandists with an agenda, but others, I think, were genuinely searching, though it seems to me that they knew they were going to be cooked.  They were just grateful for the time to get used to the water.

I would prefer not to be the prophet of doom.  If only we could be like the people of  Nineveh and those in my position like Jonah, who though they prophesied the end and its inevitability, were almost disappointed when the people unexpectedly repented and put on sackcloth.  God actually had to rebuke Jonah for his disappointment.  I would like to be more encouraging, but that really depends on our willingness to face facts.  We are almost cooked and unless we find the strength to jump out of the water, it really is over.

The only ones who can get out of the pot are people like Ezra Levant, who beat the thought police by not giving an inch, by fighting back swiftly and relentlessly.  He beat the human rights commission in Canada, when they tried to shut him up for reporting on the Muhammad Cartoon flap back in 2006.  He turned their attack on him into a direct offensive against the social engineers and the thought police and he did it by exposing their lies, on YouTube.

Take a look at his opening remarks to the commission about his case:

And at his response to the question “What was your intent in publishing the cartoons?”

Aside from prayer, this is the only thing that will work, but don’t use prayer as an excuse to do nothing.

7 thoughts on “Resisting the Thought Police

  1. Well said Ezra, Well said!! You are right Father, and I think it needs to be the men, the Knights especially, that finally stand up and say “no more” and hold the politicians and clergy accountable.

  2. I loved Ezra’s line about how the Alberta Human Rights Commission(in Canada but surely here, too) has become the “DUMP for the junk that gets rejected from the real legal system.” I feel like our real legal system is quickly becoming the dump itself.

    I like quiverfull’s idea of men standing up to this but unfortunately, most of these men (typically STRAIGHT men) are too danged busy with jobs and family to deal with what looks like foolish minutiae on Capitol Hill. But, this foolishness is amounting to very big and spiritually costly legislature. We need well-spoken men like Ezra who can PUSH hard.

    I do agree that it seems like the agenda of the homosexuals in particular is for the rest of us to just shut up and pretend we’re fine with it all … and they’re quickly getting their way.

    As far as tactics to stop all of this, I many times feel like we’re all a lot of talk in how we want this to end but none of us really has a solid plan .. that’s what we need! Many frogs understand that they’re sitting in water that is about to cook them but no one seems to know how to get their semi-paralyzed legs to lift up over the edge of the pot in order to be saved. We pray, we blast email after email (that quite frankly is a nuisance but isn’t doing a darned thing from what I can see), and we tie up their phone lines. But, the reality is that we cannot drive to the Capitol every week or our men will all become unemployed which just isn’t practical. We need a PRACTICAL plan.

  3. Mr Levant’s opening remarks were much more persuasive than his polemical response to the lady’s question. To argue the merits of the commission is one thing but to enshroud the publication of material that is deemed offensive to a religious community within the title of “freedom” seems a bit disingenuous. In our (and Canadian) society one is not “free” to say, write, or publish many things (e.g., threats against the President, sedition, etc.). While I disagree with the concept of a commission being set up as some sort of moral (relativistically) authority I cannot applaud the conduct of Levant, morally at least. Far worse things are said and written about Christianity with the protection of “freedoms” to do so. But, the abuse of that freedom should not, it seems to me, be excused.

  4. The silence of the Catholic episcopacy and the tacit approval of both contraception and homosexuality (for the two are connected in a deeply spiritual way) in the Church (in very high places) over the last 45 years has helped prepare the people in the Church for the ‘increacing temperature of the water in the pan’.

    This is why men of good will do nothing. They have been put asleep by the very bishops who had vowed to guard the sheep. With only a handful of rare exceptions… this attribute “dumb dogs that do not bark” has become the hallmark of the modern western Catholic bishop.


    Only the layman can solve this… and only with the Providence of Jesus and Our Heavenly King.

  5. Extrafrate,

    I agree with you. In my original comment up above I had a paragraph in there that I didn’t necessarily agree with Ezra that we are all free to publish or say whatever hurtful or degrading things we want. However, Ezra did say that he’s not hateful of muslims and without seeing the original cartoon, it’s hard to know. I removed the paragraph from my previous comment because I felt the point of the blog thread was that this man did what he felt was acceptable (and I have to assume it was) … it may not have been LOVED by all, but it was his view. He was being shut down because what he said was politically incorrect. We are being shut down because what we are saying as far as marriage and the family is now deemed politically incorrect. Our comments of marriage being between one man and one woman and not wanting anything else being fed to our children is now being judged as biggotted and hateful. It is not … people may not LIKE what we are saying and may certainly disagree with us, but we are not saying that we hate homosexuals! We are saying that we do not agree with that lifestyle being a Godly one and thus don’t want all of us forced to eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper each day.

    Anyway, I’ve been trying as of late to not throw the baby out with the bath water. We can get lost in a detail and miss the bigger picture (splitting hairs). Which, btw, is exactly what the gay-lesbian agenda wants to happen. They want to throw in, for the sake of argument, all of these bath toys so we get confused as to where the baby is when trying to get rid of the bath water. Do we throw out all the toys, too? We become paralyzed and then we start arguing about the subtle details and become divided due to that. And, as we all remember from grade school, united we stand … divided we fall!

  6. Extrafrate,

    I think one needs to be familiar with the complaint that was filed against Mr. Levant by the imam, which was not based on an alleged threat of violence or on a specific pronunciation of hatred, but upon offending the religious sensibilities of Muslims. Mr. Levant is arguing not that he has a right to say anything or that it is proper and right to offend religious people. He is merely arguing it is not the government’s business to control speech. I thoroughly support the efforts, for example, of the Catholic League to fight anti-Catholicism, but I do not think it is the government’s business to outlaw expressions of anti-Catholicism. That one will come back and bite us.

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