Why Men Hate Going to Church

Ladies and men of more effete taste, especially liturgists, If you want regular guys back in Church stop torturing them.

He said: ‘I often walk into churches and they are like Laura Ashley showrooms with all these flowers and banners and tissues. Men just don’t feel comfortable with that.

‘Certainly, with the singing, I am fed up with singing these sentimental lovey dovey songs. On the football terraces we are very passionate, chanting and cheering, and we want more songs like that.

‘We want fewer girly songs.’

Amen, brother.

Try using the Dangerous Book for Men.

(I will get back to posting again.  These trips and the air(line)borne plagues that ensue sometimes get the best of me.  No, its not swine flue).

11 thoughts on “Why Men Hate Going to Church

  1. My son has the Dangerous book somewhere … I wonder if mothers would glean useful things about their sons from this book. Hmmmm.

    We’ll have to supply face masks to all Friary visitors … airline-bourne plagues sound very frightening even if they’re not swine-ish. Eeeuuuww.

  2. Oh, as for the girly decorating in Church, I never see men (except at the Friary, of course) who offer to decorate the Churches. Besides, I know lots of manly-men who enjoy flowers and gardening, etc … so why are they bothered by the flowers in Church? Just curious. I’ll have to look at my Church now with a different set of eyes … I’ll let you know what I see. :0)

  3. HAHA! ROFL! I can’t stand the Easter Lilies, though that is for a different reason. The pollen gets all over my clothes, and doesn’t come off. 😦 But I am sick of the 70’s songs…

  4. The timing on this post is uncanny; seriously….I was visiting a different parish for Mass this weekend, and “The Lord of the Dance” (#275 in a missal if you have one)was one of the songs they sang, complete with clapping and bouncing/bopping around a little bit in the pews. It is listed as a “shaker song”. Why, then, is this song even IN a missal? I nearly started laughing.
    Jen- I don’t think it’s the flowers you must be thinking of referenced above. Try church-hopping a few Sundays and take a peek at what some parishes have been doing with regards to the flowers and banners around. I actually became uncertain as to whether I was in a catholic church or not and felt compelled to double check.

  5. This is not an accident (the effeminization of the Mass). It is done intentionally in many places and in many ways. It all starts in the seminary… where the priestly candidate is subject to the hermeneutic of rupture as taught by Sr. Mary Nazi (who wears her habit on her lapel) and who also happens to be head of the theology or liturgy department.

    This is also why little boys are ALWAYS much more focused at the Extraordinary form than at the Ordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice.

  6. Let me try this again .. Father, you can delete the last one. sorry.

    I know this is an old post, but I just tripped on a website that I thought some of you might be interested in … this blog article pertains to Father’s blog above but the website in general looks great.

    Ave Maria!

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