Father-Son Construction Project

Let’s stick with the practical and necessary. This will make mom proud.


All the instructions are there. A bit on the expensive side, but I bet some ingenuity and mom’s shopping expertise will solve that problem. There are also videos to aid with the construction and some tantalizing demonstrations to keep the boys motivated:

17 thoughts on “Father-Son Construction Project

  1. Bring it on, I will take on all comers. Even that “robot” thing that Master Paul has a link to. I think that perhaps at cenacle we can build this with the Squires. Then use it at, oh say, night watch???

  2. Adam is in awe. Now he wants one. It’s just so awesome, that is all he keeps saying.

    David with a long name(are you trying to out do
    Dietz’s kids name) like that all you can say is wow it looks like it hurts. It takes longer to write your name.

  3. Hah! I’ll second that, Carol! I mean, David – think of how much it would cost to have all of those letters engraved on your sword!! And by the time you announced yourself to an approaching armed and dangerous steed-mounted enemy, he will have runnest thou through!

  4. Sir Chevalier David de Maria Victrix de Lepanto d’Pasco de l’Ile d’Rhode, I say keepest thou name sir. It is very distinguished and proper not unlike yourself.

    Now as far as the nightwatch goes Master Paul de Maria victrix de Lepanto d’Pasco de l’Ile d’Rhode we can not use such weapons upon our unworthy advesaries.

  5. Skeet, just call me Master Xavier. *Bows* πŸ˜‰

    Unworthy? I find some worth among them… Though of course, we’ll have our fun. I say we upgrade our little game of Night Watch to the standard attire for that sleepover we had on Halloween. πŸ˜›

  6. Oh dear, SignaVeritae – I think for sure the friars will be constructing one of those for the next paintball event! Look out!

  7. I think all these gadgets take the fun out of paintball…I mean, a tank? The specifications of the gun are nearly the same as an individual marker. You can’t go too powerful with paintball because:

    1. It gets EXTREMELY dangerous.


    2. The balls will burst in barrel. Rendering a colored mess.

    Let’s just stick with painting Father the Old fashioned way. πŸ˜‰

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