St. Mawgan’s Parish

St. Mawgan’s Parish

St. Mawgan’s parish Church in the possession of the Anglicans at this time was originally part of the Arundell estate and is right next to the manor house (convent) and only separated by a wall.

The Arundells have been the chief landowners here since the 13th century: in 1794 Lanherne House (mainly built in the 16th and 17th centuries) became a convent for emigré nuns from Belgium. St Mawgan also has a 13th century parish church, dedicated to St Mauganus and St Nicholas. The church was originally a cruciform building of the 13th century but was enlarged by a south aisle and the upper part of the tower in the 15th. The unusual rood screen and bench ends are noteworthy and there are many monumental brasses to members of the Arundell family. (St Mauganus was a Welshman and is also honoured at Mawgan in Meneage in Kerrier and in Wales and Brittany.)

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