Day With Mary Team

Day With Mary Team

This is the A Day with Mary team from London, England. Claudio Lo Sterzo, the founder of the apostolate is third from the right. This photo was taken on the last night I was there at the conclusion of a day of recollection I had given the whole team at
Farnborough Abbey
. What a great bunch of people, completely dedicated to Our Lady’s work in her Dowry.

6 thoughts on “Day With Mary Team

  1. I went to attend ‘a day with mary’ next month on the 8/05/2010 and I wanted to know where this next venues is in London where this venue will been.

  2. I want to attend a day with mary on the 08/05/2010 and I wanted to know where the next meeting will be held.

  3. I am looking for the venue for next Saturday (15/5/10) especially as this week is Our Lady of Fatima’s feast day.

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