Celtic Cross at Lanherne

That’s St. Mawgan’s bell tower in the background. The cross is on the property of the convent, just near the sisters’ chapel. The old church, which was part of the Arundell estate, is just over the wall.

Near the chapel door, in what was formerly the nuns’ burial ground, stands the four-holed cross of Lanherne. It is one of the most beautifully executed specimens of a decorated Celtic Cross in the country and is in a very good state of preservation. It is made of Pentewan stone, and it makes it softer and easier to work than granite. It was brought to Lanherne chapel many years ago from the field called “Chapel Close” on the Barton of Roseworthy in the parish of Gwinear near Camborne. It has inscriptions in Hiberno-Saxon characters possibly of the name of Bl Ide the Irish Martyr.

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