Lately in England

I finally figured out how to use the gallery function on WordPress. This should be interesting. The photos are not in any particular order. I will have to deal with that problem another time. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Lately in England

  1. You are truly close to the immaculate with some of those pictures. They seemed clean and pure, even “photoshopped”. Kudos for the pics.

  2. These pictures are beautiful. My favorite is your artsy one on the Vale of Lanherne. You friars could blow that one up and sell it as an Airmaria fundraiser. 🙂 I could see that one hanging framed in my house somewhere.

    You had a wonderful trip. Thanks for blessing us with it.

  3. It is very awesome … but it sort of creeps me out at the same time! I’d be afraid to venture into that hole … kind of looks like a time warp tunnel or something.

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