To Arms, Men!

This needs to be stopped!

Time to act Knights of Lepanto.  Let’s see what you can do.

Off to Walsingham today.  I will pray for you all, especially Senator Andrew McDonald and Representative Michael Lawler.

I would blow the horn, but you get the picture.

15 thoughts on “To Arms, Men!

  1. Ave Maria!
    Thank you for your prayers, Father. You are in ours as well.

    There are a few interesting articles on the bill out there now, including one in particular from Tom Hoopes at the National Catholic Register that addresses details about tomorrow’s hearing.

    If you are planning to attend the hearing, you should read the entire article for a heads up as to what might transpire there, as well as Voice of the Faithful’s involvement in this scheme, but to sum up the article he states:

    Connecticut Catholics, be prepared in Hartford Wednesday:

    1. Catholic “experts” will back the anti-Church bill.
    2. The defense of the bill will sound reassuring and reasonable.
    3. A big crowd will be there early on — but the Church needs Catholics to come later on, too.
    4. We can win this, if we fight.

    Ladies – encourage your husbands to make the trip up there after work. I know it’s certainly not something to look forward to after a long day at work, but it is Lent after all!


    Joseph Susanka, at quotes from Mark Twain’s Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court:

    “…these missionaries would gradually, and without creating suspicion or exciting alarm, introduce a rudimentary cleanliness among the nobility, and from them it would work down to the people, if the priests could be kept quiet. This would undermine the Church. I mean would be a step toward that. Next, education—next, freedom—and then she would begin to crumble. It being my conviction that any Established Church is an established crime, an established slave-pen, I had no scruples, but was willing to assail it in any way or with any weapon that promised to hurt it.”

    — A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

    And lastly, perhaps it was Steve who instigated this photo of Pope Blumenthal over at Don Pesci’s blog, where he joins the Catholic League in calling for the impeachment of not only Archbishop Lawlor and Bishop McDonald, but also that of Pope Blumenthal himself!

    Ave Maria!

  2. Hello Fr. Angelo,

    Seems like you’re seeing some beautiful as well as historical (from a Catholic standpoint as well as visual standpoint) where you are. I’m sure the people there are being blessed by your presence and it sounds like you’re being blessed as well.

    Yes, things in CT are crazy!! This incident is really dictatorial and should frighten all citizens. The fact that these men have the AUDACITY to even put this bill on the docket just blows my mind. I’m going to meet up with Patty and some other women (othermarys) tomorrow morning at the Executive Office. Let’s hope the place is a mob scene beyond comprehension.

    Here’s my concern: This was supposedly started because of the embezzlement in Darien. (Yes, I know there are clear ulterior motives but this is the motive that they are telling the public.) I listened to Bishop Lori on his website and there was no mention of this incident. What I hope doesn’t happen is that people think that the RC Church is once again sweeping HUGE ooopses under the rug. They need to convince people, and esp those parishioners in Darien, that they have handled this incident and the money is being somehow restored, if that’s possible. They also need to somehow assure people that appropriate measures are set in place for ALL dioceses to prevent this from happening again. Granted, embezzlements are always a possibility, no matter the line of business. I guess I just don’t want to see the facts not being properly discussed so that the average citizen and Catholic thinks that the Church is back to her old tricks of covering up things. I think that would have far worse ramifications, quite honestly.

    Prayers going your way for a fruitful and blessed completion of your trip and for safe travels home … you should get back in time for spring weather. (We had more snow yesterday … darn … you missed it!)

  3. Hey Jen,
    I would agree with your assessment. But the bottom line is that it is the Church’s affair, and not the state. If there were criminal charges filed, then it would become a state issue. However, the state is interfering with a Church matter of its own volition. This is yet another example of government trying to intervene in the private sector with disastrous results. I feel like the Anglican Church under Parliament! Yuck!

    Here’s another great blog post on this matter:

    God Bless, and let’s pray for one another!

  4. More from the National Catholic Register, including information from Peter Wolfgang:

    Anti-Church CT: Good News/Bad News

    Posted by Tom Hoopes

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009 12:37 PM
    A “Gay Christian” symbol From

    Good news: The Connecticut Anti-Church Attack Bill has been tabled, and the March 11 hearing is canceled.

    Bad news: Connecticut hasn’t given up subverting the Church. The “Safe Harbor Project” includes this (pdf format) “Gay Bible” site, and this “Don’t Tell Your Parents!” info for kids.

    But about the hearing: Peter Wolfgang was at the State House when Judiciary Chairmen Lawlor and McDonald, champions of same-sex marriage, tabled the weird bill that would have used the state to pressure parishes to reorganize.

    He said it was a victory, certainly. But thousands of Catholics were expected to come. It would have been much better to have won a victory with all the forces in the field.

    Now, says the Family Institute of Connecticut head, Catholics need to turn their attention to S.B. 899 — the bill we wrote about in our story, “Teaching Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Conn. Lawmakers Prepare to Reeducate Kids.”

    “Legislators who have been preening that they are for religious liberty for being against this obviously unconstitutional bill,” (ie, Bill 1098), “shouldn’t be let off the hook,” he said. “Threats to religious liberty remain in Bill 899 that codifies the Kerrigan court ruling, but goes beyond same-sex ‘marriage’ and could lead to the teaching of homosexuality in schools.”

    Here’s the Family Institute of Connecticut’s page for “Stop CT’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Bill!”

    The re-education of Connecticut children has already begun at the Connecticut government’s own website. Let religious believers and parents in Connecticut know that the state government is using their tax money to interpret the Bible in a “gay” way and undermine parental rights at these sites …

    The Safe Harbor site:

    The “Gay Bible” site:

    Click to access for_the_bible_tells_me_so_curriculum.pdf

    The “What to tell and not tell your parents” site:|

    This precedent is dangerous for the nation. It’s time that religious believers and parents from across the United States tell Connecticut: The state is the state. It’s not the Church. It’s not the parent. Back off.

    Here are Connecticut’s U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives’ contact information.

    Here are Connecticut’s” title=“statewide officials’ contact information”>statewide officials’ contact information (with legislators linked on the side).

    Permalink | Filed under ct anti-church bill, state vs. church

  5. Penance, Penance, Penance. God and Our Lady be with us on Wednesday. To arms men to ARMS. If you can’t be there please to some kind of fast\sacrifice for God’s intervention in this.

    Write to your representatives you can find them easily enough on the web. Flood their emails, call them, for the love of everything that is good and kind, be a man and get down on your knees and pray…

  6. To find your CT senator and representative, follow this link:

    I emailed mine this morning because this battle isn’t over yet. Apparently McDonald and Lawlor are now saying that they will decide if the Church’s actions on this Darien case were constitutional or not. The audacity of these men is mind-blowing.

    My biggest concern, however, as I stated above, is that the average Catholic gets his/her gospel from the Hartford Courant or NBC News. My parents, for instance, after reading their paper came to the conclusion that these senators were correct. The msg coming from the pulpits needs to be LOUDER than that from the newspapers. Maybe I’m being naive and maybe this is part of our cross. My parents feel like the Church is covering up another big mistake. My parents are not unique. They simply don’t know where to get their information from … they have always watched the news and read the paper!

    So, not only do we need to fast and pray for these senators, but we need to pray for our Country and all of the American Catholics who are not being led properly … that they open their eyes and that our priests on these pulpits begin to SPEAK UP.

  7. To quote Doug Barry of Radix, (who was quoting Archbishop Fulton Sheen ((I believe)), you never know your asleep until you wake up. The Catholics in CT and around America today woke up. Well at least 3500 or so in Ct, finally woke up. Ye we (Maryvixtrix bloggers) are already awoken, and now we have been joined by 3500 others in our great state. We need to reach out to others, and also give a support system to those that swooped down upon the capitol today. That is what St. Kolbe was all about, and that is how the Catholic Church will indeed survive. Hey 3500 isn’t a bad number seeing as though none of this was covered in any major media. Do not despair, Jesus didn’t. This just goes to show that we all need to sacrifice, for Our Lady and Our Lord. It really doesn’t take much to do so. Just make a daily offering, and go from there. She will lead you to where she wants you to go
    Caulk one up for the Catholic Church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Jen,

    I know what you mean (from your post above). I had a few people email me back who sided with Lawlor too. It’s “gospel truth” from the politicians, but there are Parishes full of cynics when a Homily is given that isn’t “pc”. It makes me sick!

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