London Calling


No, not a commentary on the Clash song. Hardly.

I am off to London and Cornwall for two weeks. I will be preaching at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday for a Day with Mary and again several other times around town.

I will also be giving a retreat to our contemplative nuns in Lanherne and will be relieving our Father George while I am there.


Lanherne has a very interesting history. The convent is the old estate from the Arundell family, a very ancient Catholic family that maintained the faith through the English Reformation. It is said that the sanctuary light for the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel has not been extinguished since before the Reformation.  The countryside is absolutely beautiful.  The sisters have the singular grace of having a precious relic in their midst, the cranium of St. Cuthbert Mayne.

I will not be far from the central points of interest of the history of King Arthur.  Tintagel, the alleged birthplace of the One and Future King is about 25 miles north of Lannerne.  Glastonbury in Somerset–about a hundred miles north east of  Lanhern–is thought to be the actual location for Avalon and the burial place of Arthur.  The famous Thorn of Glastonbury is there, and it is the location for the oldest Marian shrine in England.

I had hoped to say the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the cell of St. Thomas More in the tower of London, but I hear that that is no longer possible.  Bummer.

I will try to get video and pictures.

Ave Maria!

32 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Will miss all your awesome homilies. You will be in our prayers for a safe and spiritual filled trip.
    God Bless,

  2. Fr. If you get to say mass at the cell of St. Thomas Moore, say a prayer for me. He’s one of my Epiphany patron protector saint this year. I’m hoping to get admitted to Harvard Law School in the next year and preparing to take my LSATS. I can use all the help I can get as we need good Catholic lawyers these days. Have a safe and holy trip. Thanks

  3. oooh, Father…
    would you please say hello to Mr. Darcy for me, if you happen upon him?
    I should be much obliged.

    Ave Maria!

  4. I wasn’t sure where to put this. Our web site has many rosaries. Our main purpose is to provide rosaries for members of the military. Please go to:

    and check out the Soldier’s Rosary. If you’re a member and would like one free of charge, go to the “Contact Us” section and either send us an email or fill in the electronic form.

    GOD bless.

  5. St. Maximillian asked his fellow Friars to call him “Father” as opposed to guardian, or provincial. As you have inspired, or guided me, I will pray for you, and know that we as Knights are making sacrifices for our\your well being. You are truly Our father, and I might even go as far to say that you’re my father as well. Safe Journey, God bless, Ave Maria.

  6. Thanks everyone.


    Actually the first thing I ate here was Italian. Looking forward to a nice fried English breakfast though!


    I think the Mr. Darcy thing gives you away.


    Yes the White Horse, by all means. Great idea!


    I am speechless. Thank you.

  7. Hey Father – try and wangle a knighthood while you’re there. Then you can pass it on. I mean- if Ted Kennedy can get one so can you!

  8. Uh, Gabrielle…yeah…we know who Anonymous really is….right, Master?

    Knight Errant…wangle? LOL…I love it!

    Skeeter, your post is touching…seriously.

  9. Father,
    In reading St. Kolbe’s writings one thing stands out, that he suffered for Our Lady, Jesus, His Order, and the spread of the truth throughout the society. The sufferings that we endure throughout or life should be done in the similar way. Not only for the social reign of Christ the King, the Immaculata, and our cause, but also should be done for our family biological and spiritual.

    Knight E.,
    I will not accept any kind of “Knighting” done by that protestant (insert favorite uncharitable word here) queen, I am waiting for a Knighting by the Pope himself. Perhaps on the same day the “Illustourius” is made a Saint?

    Thank You.

    Darcy and Elizabeth were fools, the real love was between her older sister and his BFF, whatever their names were.

  10. Hey Father,
    We’ll miss you! My family and I will pray that you have a safe and holy journey!

    I left some “light reading” for you on the plane ride over in “traditionalist modernism”.
    God Bless,

  11. Hello Father,

    We’re praying for a safe trip as well and that not only will you bless the sisters and those to whom you’ll be visiting and preaching but that you will, too, be blessed.

    I hope to have time to look into the links you provided. It seems fascinating. The pictures you already provided are simply breathtaking … can’t wait to see more of them. I bet the architecture will be gorgeous as well. Enjoy.

  12. Ave Maria Father!
    Did you actually get to preach at the Cathedral???

    Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor didn’t stop you by invoking canon law like he did with Archbishop Burke?!?

    God Bless! Pray for us! Prayers for a safe trip home…


  13. Father,

    If you come back sporting a monacle and spouting “pip pips” or “jolly” anything, I will take your “brolly” and open it indoors!

    Did you notice what strange names they have for places in England? “Frognal”, “Piccadilly Station”, “South Ham” etc…. And some of the food has, and no attempt is made to hide the fact, actual kidneys! Has anyone else eaten kidneys?

    Ahem, not to put too fine a point on it, but as a medical person, I can’t help but to tell you that the pungent flavor of kidneys is directly related to their function in the body….ugh!

    And I hear that tongue is regularly eaten there! If you’ve ever seen “tongue” in the store, it is a slug shaped gray slab of organ that looks like more like something that you’d see nailed up on medieval buildings to ward off evil spirits than something you’d put into your mouth!

    Bon apetite!

  14. My husband and I went to England when we were first married and he had a meal, Shephard’s Pie, that is VERY different than the shephard’s pie we make here! I think it was loaded with organ meats from what we later learned. We wanted to eat at ‘authentic’ English places … but we quickly got over that fantasy. All I can remember now is that people talked about having to have your proper hat … that’s pronounced, ‘propahh hut’. (Not the grey knit ones or hoods 🙂 )

  15. Thanks everyone,

    Yes, I preached at the Cathedral to a full house. The Cathedral staff were very friendly and hospitable. I will have some video up soon. (Perhaps not until I get back, unless I overcome some technical problems.)

    I haven’t eaten anything too exotic. Lots of Asian food, since there are many Asians involved with the Day With Mary. Bangers yes, but so far no mash, though Fra Solanus makes sure we get our share of potatoes (boiled so far).

    I am waiting to get me teef into some jellied eels.

  16. Brother Skeet,
    I agree, yet I do find Bingley and Jane quite the odd couple. Especially in the 2005 Film Edition.

    We all know who the true hero of the story is. Mr. Collins.

    *cough* I have the feeling the Friary girls will forever hate me for this. 😉

  17. Not to get off the subject of Father’s original blog, but if find that the true hero of the A&E version of p&p (the only acceptable version) is…drum role please…Mr. Bennett after all he put up with 4 girls and a wife who takes the cake.

  18. Hello Father Angelo,

    I was just thinking about the timing of your trip to Europe while all you-know-what is breaking loose here in CT!!! How can you stand it? Hopefully you’re surrounded by so much serenity and beauty from our heavenly Father that you will bring back great joy, peace and hope to all of us here.

    Trying to see Christ in all of this … truly I am.

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